Mickey Rourke plastic surgery could not have gone unnoticed. In the contemporary world, it is becoming a trend that celebrities must always look perfect in appearance and shape. Irrespective of their age, fans expect celebrities to always look young and attractive. However, this is not possible without procuring cosmetic procedures.

Mickey Rourke is a professional fighter having spent a good part of his life in the acting career. The celebrity is one of the many celebrities who have undergone the surgeon’s knife in order to maintain their attractive looks. But for Mickey Rourke, things turned ugly because he became a victim of bad surgery. When you compare his before and after photos, you can clearly see the difference. His eyes are bruised and his face swollen taking away his original attractive looks. Despite that things didn’t turn out as expected, Mickey Rourke unlike many celebrities has openly admitted having procured cosmetic procedures.

The renowned actor face got spoilt after joining the boxing career and he was procuring the plastic surgeries in order to rectify the situation. He admitted that he made a wrong choice in regard to cosmetic specialist he chose to work with but now that is a thing of the past.

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery before and after

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery before and after

Looking at his face, his nose and his eyelids, you would notice some significant unnatural changes. This leads us to the following surgeries that the celebrity underwent.


Mickey Rourke went through a nose job two times as a result of his broken nose. The surgeon was to work on his crushed nose and cheekbone to improve his look but he overstepped his boundaries. Instead of mending the mess on Mickey Rourke face, the surgeon made things worse.


Mickey Rourke plastic surgery procedures

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery procedures

Most celebrities usually undergo facelift in order to conceal the effects of aging on their faces. Many believe that this is the main reason why Mickey Rourke opted for this procedure. The sagging skin, stress lines and frown lines seem to have disappeared. This is usually the first sign of a facelift. In Addition, a person his age ought to have some wrinkles, loose skin and basically every element that comes with age. Mickey Rourke has defied them all. He does not have any aging signs despite the disfigured face.

Eye Lift

Not many celebrities are lucky to maintain their perfect eyes all through their aging process. At some point, the region around the eyes starts developing bags as a result of aging. To remove these effects, eye lifts are usually done by specialized cosmetic specialists. Mickey Rourke is said to have procured this operation to curb the appearance on his waning eyes. His eyes are sharper and brighter than before.

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery was not one of the best surgical procedures. The cosmetic procedures seem to have been overdone making him look horrible and pathetic. I believe this a lesson to other celebrities who are planning to procure plastic surgeries. They should take time to assess the cosmetic surgeons’ expertise and competence so that they can make the best decision.By all measures, Mickey Rourke surgery was a failure. He looked far much better before the operation than after!

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