Critics in both media and public platform are claiming that Nadya Suleman has had some plastic surgery being done. Her face transformation indicates it all as she now looks completely like Angelina Jolie’s.

If you closely compare Nadya Suleman plastic surgery previous and recent pictures you will notice that she has had some plastic surgery being done on her lips and nose. Though Suleman has not come out publicly to deny these allegations, her new lips and nose outline betrays her.

If you compare Nadya Suleman, you will notice that her lips are now fuller showing possibility of the use of lips injection. With color similarities to Angelina Jolie, they are possibilities that she has undergone through the knife for face lift. There are also possibilities that she has undertaken a nose job. When you compare her past and previous photos, you will realize a major difference in nose configuration. Her past photos showed a nose that was bigger with a wider bridge. Today, Suleman has a narrower and pointier nose an indication of nose rhinoplasty.

Up to date, Nadya Suleman has not yet come out openly to support or deny these allegations which accuse her of having her lips surgically plumped and a nose job done. Instead, Suleman has focused the media and public attention to her recent addition of her 14 children.

Nadya Suleman plastic surgery

1st photo – Pregnant with the eight babies. 2nd photo – One year after birth

Nadya Suleman who is on her late 30s gave birth to octuplets. During this period, her womb stretched and she developed stretch marks and scars. During an interview with a star magazine, Nadya Suleman stripped off her abdomen and to everyone’s shock and dismay, her stretch marks and scars had totally disappear with the only sign being the shape of belly button which indicates the possibility of undergoing a plastic surgery such as tummy tuck.

Even after giving birth to 8 children and being a mother of 14 while unemployed, Nadya Suleman mid-section has snapped back into the initial shape without any assistance. However, deep into her skin, littering of small scars and deep stretch marks can be noticed. However, she is attributing the back of shape to exercise and proper diet consumption.

Many critics are still hypocritical on immediate transformation of Suleman that is signified with lack of stretch marks on her stomach skin. During pregnancy, it is obvious that the stomach skin will stretch out. Once someone gives birth, the skin does not immediately return back to its original form. This means two signs of plastic surgery will be left; stretch marks and sagging skin.

Nadya Suleman - mother of octuplets and other six children

Nadya Suleman – mother of octuplets and other six children

If you look at Nadya Suleman plastic surgery after birth pictures, you will notice a woman who had a sagging skin in the mid-section. However, her recent pictures show a woman who have a flat belly. This has been associated with tummy tuck, a procedure that is used to eliminate excess skin from the stomach.

Despite Nadya Suleman denial of having had any plastic surgery, her new facial appearance and lack of sagging stomach skin says it all. However, the mother of 14 appears more beautiful than before and we can say it is not a procedure all went wrong but a procedure that all went good.

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