Naya Rivera plastic surgery happens to be one of the youngest cases of plastic surgery in the in the celebrity world. At 27 years, the American actress has a life ahead of her. Her singing and modeling careers have brought her fame and popularity. This aspect has made her to be followed by celebrity watchers and ghost columnists. Having a plastic surgery is not a new practice in the society today more so among celebrities. This aside, whenever a celebrity like Naya Rivera hits the headlines for having done a plastic surgery, people become so much interested and start digging deep onto the matter.

What are the kinds of surgeries that Naya is said to have undergone?

Well, according to the media and pundits, Naya is said to have undergone two major surgical procedures. One of them is the breast augmentation while the other one is Rhinoplasty (nose job). Each of these cosmetic surgeries has the potential of enhancing the overall look. This was probably the major aim of Naya for her to undergo these operations.

Naya Rivera nose job before and after

Naya Rivera nose job before and after

Breast Implants

According to reliable sources close to the celebrity, the first surgical procedure that the celebrity is said to have undergone is the breast augmentation. Just like any celebrity, Naya had a desire for large breasts so as to fit in well with her shape. Through the process of breast augmentation, she managed to achieve a fuller bust that she felt comfortable with. Moving from one cup size to another is usually a pleasure for many women but since achieving it naturally is a hard task, many of them prefer to face the surgeon’s scalpel.

Looking at her 2009 and 2011 photos, you will note a remarkable increase in the size of her breasts. In 2009, Naya’s chest was slightly flat but in 2011 her breast size was 36C indicating the possibility of having gone under a knife.

Naya Rivera plastic surgery before and after

Naya Rivera plastic surgery before and after

Dermal Fillers

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer based in Miami Florida, the celebrity has been using dermal fillers to enhance her cheeks so that they can look fuller and fleshier. This is a common practice with many celebrities today. Using fillers such as juvederm, they have been injecting their lips and cheeks so that they can look more vibrant and youthful. This was rather unexpected for the 27 year old because his cheeks and lips are still full and youthful.

Naya’s Reaction to the Surgery Claims

Together with a group of many other people, Naya has refuted claims of plastic surgery that she is purported to have gone through. Instead they claim that the celebrity has been using makeup that has made her lips to appear fuller and fleshy. Experts have however challenged the use of makeup saying that there is no makeup in the universe that has the capacity of making lips to be full and cheeks slightly chubby. The only logical explanation is the use of dermal filters to puff up the cheeks and the lips.

Overall, Naya Rivera plastic surgery has done her well. It is moderate and was performed under the allowable limits thereby making her retain her somewhat natural look.

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