The summer season is one of the best in the year, the sunny weather and warm temperatures make life fun. There is however a challenge that comes with this season; the need for air conditioning. You may find yourself asking – how much does a new air conditioner cost? To find an amicable answer to this question, you need to look at the variables involved.

The size of your house for instance will determine to a greater extent the nature of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system as well as the tonnage required.

The cost of a brand new air conditioner needs to be looked at in a wholesome manner. There is the cost of the conditioner itself as a unit and the cost of the installation. If you are lucky enough, the seller from whom you buy may do the installation for you hence reduce the overall cost you could have incurred.

New Air Conditioner Cost

Different brands of air conditioners have different prices. A look at some of the major brands in the market will reveal just how much it costs to purchase them. You should bear in mind that the type of the air conditioner may also determine the cost you are to pay. A central air conditioner for instance varies in cost to window AC or a split AC.

Portable air conditioners cost from $300 to $500 while window air conditioners may cost around $325. Below are some brand specific costs:

The split air conditioner model LG LA120HSV having 12000 BTUs costs $1,673.50. This is almost triple the cost of a portable air conditioner from Sharp electronics that has a price tag of $479.

Frigidaire window air conditioner of model FRA052XT7 measuring 5,000 BTUs attracts a cost of $118 while its window mounted air conditioner counterpart from Energy Star of model Keystone KSTAW05A is priced at $155.77. This also comes with an LCD remote control facility.

There are a number of factors that will come in handy when buying air conditioners.

The Size of the Conditioner

Air conditioners come in different sizes and the larger the size the more powerful it is. Whether it is for your home or office, a larger air conditioning facility will ensure that the environment is fresher and comfortable to stay in. You need to balance well on the size so that you do not get a size too small or too big for your premise.

Tips on buying AC

The Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio

The environmental and energy effects of the air conditioner need to be at the front line when considering the purchase of a new air conditioner. You need to look at the certifications and the symbols that these conditioners have. The Energy Star label for instance is proof enough that the air conditioner has satisfied the conditions spelt out by the Environmental Protection Agency. Bearing the label also means that the air conditioner has met the minimum Federal Standards and its Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio rating is between 13 and 21. High rating conditioners are much more efficient as compared to their lower ratings counterparts.

Choosing a good air conditioner will ensure that you get longer and more efficient service.

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