Nicole Kidman plastic surgery was a failure. With fame comes scrutiny from all corners and so it is understandable that a majority of celebrities opt to go under the surgical knife in order to maintain their youthful and attractive looks. This is in a bid to remain relevant and in demand in their careers. The celebrities are going to all extents in order to remain younger and attractive.

Though these celebrities are turning to cosmetic procedures to turn back the hands of time, not all the procedures give great results and Nicole Kidman surgery is one of them. The outcome of her cosmetic procedure was horrible. Due to excessive use of chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm, the celebrity has lost her beautiful looks.

Her lips are swollen and look overhanging. Though the writing is on the wall about her plastic surgery, she has continuously denied having procured any cosmetic procedure.

The possible cosmetic procedures Nicole Kidman could have undergone –


Nicole Kidman plastic surgery before after

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery before after

Rumor has it that Nicole Kidman has had a facelift. Looking at her face today, it looks tighter and free of stress lines and frown lines. The celebrity seems to have gone through the surgical knife to eliminate any signs of aging. Though she wanted the work to be done perfectly so as to appear natural, her attempts at concealing the effects of her facelift did not bear much fruit. Look at her face now, it looks overly unnatural.

Botox Injections

Apart from the facelift, the Botox treatment is another cosmetic procedure the celebrity is rumored to have procured. Her face is shiny face without any wrinkles. This indicates that the celebrity must have gone through surgical operations to eliminate the wrinkles. The facial skin also looks fuller and tighter opening up possibilities that chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm may have been used.

Nicole Kidman then and now

Nicole Kidman then and now

Lip Augmentation

As people age, the vitality and luscious that defined their youthful life goes away with them. Nicole Kidman procured lip augmentation to ensure that her lips remain intact even as she ages. Her lips look fuller at her age in a very unnatural way. This means that the cosmetic specialist that was working on her overstepped his boundaries.

Breast Implants

Most women and in particular celebrities want to have perfect bust to match well with the rest of their bodies. Not every woman is lucky to have an ideal bust and this is why most celebrities are opting for breast implants in order to have fuller and well sized breasts. Nicole Kidman is definitely one of the celebrities who have undergone cosmetic operations to enlarge and rejuvenate their bust. Her breasts are well shaped and sized.

Nicole Kidman breast implants before after

Nicole Kidman breast implants before after

Looking at her before and after photos, it is clear that she underwent breast augmentation. Her cup size was also increased to C from A. Though the breasts can increase in size with age, the tightness and sudden enlargement of Nicole’s breasts can only be possible by breast augmentation.

Looking at the quality of Nicole Kidman plastic surgery, it does not meet the industry standards. The surgeons who worked on her seemed to have overstepped their limits resulting into a sub-standard job.

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