When it comes to controversies, Paris Hilton is not new to that. In fact Paris Hilton plastic surgery comes across as a very minor rumor. The reason it is still called a rumor is because she has not as yet agreed to the fact that she underwent the surgery.

Comparing her before and after photos, you will see the outstanding difference in appearance. Despite all this, the celebrity still denies it all.

Did Paris Hilton go through Surgery?

This is the big question that every fan and critic is asking. The American celebrity however has all the signs that she went through cosmetic enhancements. According to pundits, it does not seem to be once or twice but rather a number of times. The effects are visible on her face and her breasts. Many of Hollywood surgeries go unnoticed either due their minimalist nature or the prowess of the surgeon. Paris Hilton however does not seem to score highly in this. Her nose and breasts look modified.

Paris Hilton plastic surgery before and after

Paris Hilton plastic surgery before and after

What surgical procedures did the celebrity go through?

Despite her consistent denial, it is clear that Paris went through surgical procedures. There are speculations of breast augmentation, lip surgery, Rhinoplasty and facials. In her statement, Paris said that she had not gone through any of these procedures and she will never do it because she believes in none of them.

Eyelid Surgery

News has been spreading about Paris Hilton’s desire to go under the knife so as to correct her eyelid. Whether it was done or not still remains a speculation. Looking at the before and after photos of the celebrity reveals some changes in her eyelid appearance. All in all, the operation doesn’t seem to have gone well with her. The eye muscles above her left eye look loosened and droopier than they were before.


Her nose was initially good looking and balanced but rumors have it that the celebrity wanted a sharper and straighter nose. This is what resulted into a Rhinoplasty. The nose job gave her a very refined but a more plastic nose than before. The bridge of her nose also looks a bit narrow and refined.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Lip Surgery

Everyone wants to have fuller and fleshier lips. This is true even of the celebrity. Pundits have it that her lips look a bit flat in her before surgery photos. Later on, this changed and her lips became full. Critics could not attribute this to diet and as such surgery became the next probability. She is said to have gotten fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane injected into her lips. This made them fleshy and luscious.

Breast Augmentation

Paris Hilton breast implants before and after

Paris Hilton breast implants before and after

In addition to the above procedures, Paris Hilton plastic surgery is rumored to have included breast implants. Looking at her before and after plastic surgery photos, her breasts look enlarged and round. This is a signature look that many celebrities usually want to get so as to fit with the class.


Every surgery has its own effects and Paris Hilton plastic surgery cannot be said to have been successful. She looks less pretty that she was then.

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