Park Bom plastic surgery is another case of an awful operation that instead of enhancing her looks, it destroyed them. This is one of the many surgeries that is being talked the world over and used as bad example of not how to do surgical operations.

Park Bom is a singer and her career was brilliant and going on well. As many celebrities in her industry would do, from time to time they would go for surgical operations that enhance their looks giving them youthful appearance to match well with the crowd expectations. Park Bom also fell into the same trap and found herself procuring surgical procedures in order to remain relevant.

What kind of plastic surgery could she have undergone?

Chin implant

This is the operation that has got many people talking. The rumored chin implant seems to have failed miserably. Looking abnormally pointed, her chin has been trending on the Korean search engines. It is one of the most searched stories.

Park Bom chin implant before and after

Park Bom chin implant before and after

Looking at her past and present photos, you can tell the difference in her looks as far as the chin is concerned. It is more inclined to one side now an aspect that has made it the talk of the internet. Her unfortunate condition has generated debates on different forums online. Many people have increasingly been attracted to this story mainly because of its unfortunate story line related to surgical procedures.

Botox Injections

Her face looks stiffer than it was previously. This has made people to come to a conclusion that she must have undergone Botox injections. Even her strongest fans have become concerned of her constantly changing appearance. It became so serious that at one time a fan told her to stop the surgeries because they were destroying her beautiful looks. Her face looks frozen and the tightened skin looks so unnatural.

Park Bom plastic surgery beforeand after

Park Bom plastic surgery before and after

Instead of maturing and aging gracefully, it seems that the celebrity is using Botox injections to fight off and remove frown lines and wrinkles. Even though this has resulted into a smooth face, it is not as enviable as her previous looks.

Park Bom’s reaction

The celebrity has agreed in the past that she had surgeries but for cosmetic reasons. She also said that she has lymph nodes which require her to undergo surgery every now and then as a corrective measure. This is the reason she gives for her stiff face. She has however denied undergoing some other surgical procedures as it is rumored. The more she denies the more interested the public becomes in her affairs.

The public opinion

Park Bom

Park Bom

According to forums and social media channels, Park Bom Plastic Surgery is one of the stories that should be used as a case study. Many people have insinuated that the celebrity could be addicted to plastic surgery. The more she changes her looks, the worse she becomes. It has worried her fans and even critics are now taking a softer approach to see whether anything can be done to change Park Bom’s approach to plastic surgery. There are fears that if she continues that way, she may end up attracting diseases related to plastic surgeries and radioactive exposure.

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