Pharell Williams is a household name known across the globe as the Men’s Eyeliner. Pharrell Williams net worth is estimated to be about $155 million. He is a successful American rapper, songwriter, singer, fashion designer and records producer. He is also part of the hip-hop producing music duo, The Neptunes alongside Chad Hugo.

This multi-talented millionaire doubles as the drummer and lead vocalist of the funk band N.E.R.D. Pharell’s In My Mind was his first solo album that released back in 2006 with his second album Girl in 2014. His involvements with The Neptunes and N.E.R.D has played a major role in growing his net worth.

Early Life and The Neptunes

Born in Palm Beach to Pharaoh and Carolyn Williams, Pharell was actively involved in the school’s band. It was in school that he met Chad, Shay Haley and Mike. The four friends formed the hip-hop group, The Neptunes and performed in a school talent show where they were discovered. They were later on signed with Teddy Riley.

Pharrell Williams net worth

Although at this point, The Neptunes comprised only of Pharell and Chad, the duo released great hits including the UK’s top remix Right Here and Rump Shaker. They even wrote and produced the famous Backstreet Boys hit Tonight’s The Night.

Their production of Superthug gained them massive attention and huge star deals. The Neptunes’ even collaborated with Kelis in her debut Kaleidoscope album. Among the major productions under their belt includes Britney Spears’ I’m a Slave 4 U shooting her to number one.


Together with Shay Haley and Mike, N.E.R.D sound was born. This was a different sound mostly featuring some funk and rock aspects to their music. Their re-reproduced album topped the charts with rapper Nelly’s hit song Hot in Here. The same year they won awards for their production at both The Billboard Music Awards and The Source Awards.

On their second album, Pharell received many accreditation for his skills on the drums and vocal abilities. On the same night, he received two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album and Producer of the Year.

Pharrell Williams’ Cars:

Pharrell Williams Black Ferrari Enzo

Pharrell Williams Black Ferrari Enzo

Pharrell Williams car - Porsche Spyde

Pharrell Williams car – Porsche Spyde

Industry Success

Pharell has shaped careers of various bigwigs in the industry. Creating number one singles for big names such as Daft Punk, Britney Spears, Jay Z, Robin Thicke, and Justin Timberlake among others. His net worth continued to multiply as he dominated the music spectrum with top new singles for huge stars. This included BeyoncĂ©’s Grown Woman, Jay Z’s Holy Grail Magna Carta, 2 Chains Feds and Daft Punk Random Access Memory collaborations. In 2005, Pharell was named Best Dressed Man by the prestigious Esquire magazine.

Pharrell and Obama

Source of Wealth

The major contributor to Pharell’s net worth is his production and music career. A good portion of it comes from his album sales and concert ticket. His shows are always sold out generating him revenues of millions of dollars. His great fashion sense has seen him sign million dollar deals with Louis Vuitton to design jewelry and sunglasses. His entrepreneurial skills has seen him launch profitable ventures such as a children’s website, YouTube channel, shoe Company and a clothing line.

Pharrell Williams' penthouse at Miami

Pharrell Williams’ penthouse at Miami

Pharell Williams’s success has seen him achieve his childhood dream of living large. He has a luxurious mansion in the coastal Miami with a garage full of ostentatious sport cars. Among his collections is a Mercedes-Benz SLR, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren Roadster, Porsche Syper just to mention a few.

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