The news of Preity Zinta plastic surgery could not have escaped the attention of the mainstream media including social networking sites. Her cosmetic procedures confirm that plastic surgery is not only appreciated by Hollywood actresses but also those from Bollywood. Preity Zinta is one of the most renowned Bollywood superstars having been part of several movies. Her love for plastic surgery is undeniable and this is a fact known to both her fans and critics.

Her before and after surgery photos reveal so much in terms of changes that have taken place over time. There are some points that appear on her face which make her totally different from how she looked before. The media and fans alike have come to a conclusion that Preity Zinta had some surgical procedures done on her.

What possible procedures could she have undergone?

Well, looking at her plastic surgery before and after images one thing is for sure that Preity has gone through a number of cosmetic surgical procedures. The most obvious of these photos include a facelift, nose job and Rhinoplasty. Evidence has it that these operations were done at different times leading a gradual change in appearance.

Preity Zinta plastic surgery before and after

Preity Zinta plastic surgery before and after


If you have had an opportunity to see how Preity used to look before either through her previous photos or her earlier movies, you will notice that she has changed. Her face used to be round but after the cosmetic procedure, she looked different. Her face looks oval and reshaped in a nice way. The operation went on well and she looks beautiful after the surgery. The surgeon who did the operation must have been great and competent at his trade.

Eyelid Surgery

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta

Many celebrities go through this surgery to enhance the appearance of their eyes. Usually their eyes look alert after the procedure. Preity Zinta is rumored to have undergone this surgery on both her lower and upper eyelids. Looking at her now and comparing to how she looked before, there seems to be a significant change in the appearance of her eyes. They look fresh and open. According to the opinion of the surgeons, this operation was successful. Her eyes are more beautiful now.


The shape of her nose has changed. Looking at her before and after photos, there is a major difference in her nasal structure. Earlier, her nose used to be wider coupled with a bigger tip. However after going through the surgery, the size of her nose was reduced and it appears more refined than it was before. Her nostrils and the bridge are narrower and slightly artificial. This procedure combined with the other cosmetic operations has enhanced her looks making her more appealing and beautiful.

Preity Zinta plastic surgery is an example of those cosmetic operations that are successful. She must have known the dangers of bad surgical procedures and she steered clear of such. The surgeon who undertook her operation must have had lots of experience and expertise. Whether the rumors are true or not, the celebrity does not seem concerned but rather she enjoys her current looks.

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