Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery came as a shock to many people as they asked themselves whether it was necessary for the celebrity to go through such a process. Initially, surgical processes were confined to the American Celebrity and Entertainment Industry.

However with time it spread to other regions one of them being Indian Bollywood. Priyanka Chopra is just one of the many celebrities who from time to time go through the surgeon’s knife to protect their looks and stay longer in the industry. [Read – Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery: The Breast Implants Job Was Superb]

Priyanka Chopra being an actress, much of her life is in the public domain and she is being followed by both critics and celebrity watchers. Her beauty is undeniable and it has contributed to her success in the movie industry. Following the rumor of her plastic surgery, many people have been left wondering whether her beauty has some cosmetic surgery enhancements.

Did Priyanka Chopra go through the surgeon’s knife?

According to India’s internet media, Priyanka is said to have undergone some plastic surgery on her face, nose and lips.

Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery Before After

Face Lift

Her face especially when compared to her previous photos is much different. Not only does it look much smoother and glowing, it also has some slight unnatural components. Face lift is usually done to enhance the appearance of a celebrity so as to continue with their careers on the screen. Priyanka’s face looks slightly artificial although it is not easy to tell by observing her at a distance meaning that the expert who did her operation was well skilled and observed the limits.


It is the desire of very celebrity to have a perfect nose that matches the rest of the body. Unfortunately some of them are born with nasal organs that slightly differ with the rest of the facial features forcing them to take on the knife. Priyanka Chopra’s nose is much narrower than it was previously while at the same time it looks sharper. The nostrils are smaller in dimension especially when you compare before and after photos. Her nose was clinically refined and her bridge done so well that you can hardly realize. She is still beautiful and a star even with such modifications.

Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery

Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery

Lip Augmentation

This is one of the surgical procedures that are rumored to be part of Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery. Looking at her lips, they appear much fuller and fleshy. At her age, the possibility of having such lips is very high but the problem comes when you compare before and after photos. It is very difficult through exercise or diet to achieve such a dramatic change in both the lower and upper lips. Chemicals such as Juvederm are most likely the cause.

Breast Augmentation

Just like it is the desire of every celebrity, Priyanka’s preference for a fuller bust was satisfied through breast augmentation. Compared to her previous appearances, her bust looks much fuller now than it was before. According to analysts in the industry, this was done so as to bring her boobs into shape with the rest of the body.

It doesn’t matter whether Priyanka Chopra went through a surgery or not. The fact is that she is becoming more beautiful and younger by day and is serving her well in her career and industry.

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