Ray Liotta plastic surgery cannot be said to be the best. In fact compared to his before photos, one can easily tell that the cosmetic procedures done on him were a complete failure. At 58 years old, many celebrities opt to age gracefully. Ambitious ones however feel that they still have a place in the celebrity circles meaning that they would do anything it takes to have their looks back in shape.

Not every celebrity has a successful cosmetic surgery, while some go rejoicing others are left with awful looks. The pressure from the celebrity scenes makes these public figures to act out of compulsion rather than free will. Whether this happened to Ray Liotta or not, is a subject for another day.

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Procedures

Face Lift

One of the obvious operations that one can see by observing his photos is the face lift that he presumably had. At his age, faces usually have features that show signs of aging. Aspects such as eye bags, bulging eye lids and frail faces are what most people expect.

Ray Liotta plastic surgery before and after

Ray Liotta plastic surgery before and after

Ray Liotta on the other hand portrays a rather youthful look that has made his face frozen and lifeless. Face lifts are meant to brighten the face and get rid of some sagging skin. They however need to be done by experienced surgeons who know how to follow the contours. For Ray Liotta, this seems not to have been the case.

Botox Injections

Many celebrities fall for Botox injections because of what they can yield. They promise a smoother skin free of wrinkles and stress lines. While this is a fact, it comes at a cost and even risk at times. Ray Liotta may have been a victim of circumstances because the Botox never went well on him. It is either the surgeon who did his operation was not adequately experienced or just a mixture of fate and chance. There seems to have been an over application of the Botox treatment. The face looks plastic and unnatural in addition to the skin being overstretched.


Ray Liotta then and now

Ray Liotta then and now

Injection of fillers such Juvederm can have the effect of full cheeks and lips. When applied correctly, fillers can rejuvenate the looks of someone who is aging. However when wrongly applied, these fillers can spoil what used to be a good look. Ray Liotta may have experienced the latter. His laugh lines were inappropriately injected with fillers giving him a not so good look.

Ray Liotta Response

Even though the writing is on the wall, Ray Liotta has decided to brush it off. Instead he points towards exercising and good diet as the cause of his renewed youthful look. Nutritionists are yet to confirm whether diet and exercise have the potential of bringing back an aged look to a youthful stage. Exercises also have their own limits in terms of the far they can turn back the hands of time.

What is the General Opinion about Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery?

Many of the people interrogated have said that his present look doesn’t match his past appearance. His before photos look much better especially when combined with his natural smile. It is a failed surgery.

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