Looking at Rene Russo today, you will in no doubt acknowledge the fact that she looks better than she was back in her modeling career in 1972.

The world fell in love with Rene Russo the moment her modeling star started rising and ever since crowds have been closely watching her every move. It is no secret therefore that they have every reason to believe that the rumors doing rounds about Rene Russo Plastic Surgery are true.

Looking Back At Her Acting Career

Rene Russo made her acting debut in 1986, when she graced the screens for seven episodes of “Sable”. Later on, her first film followed and then the movie “Major League”. Her moment of fame came in 1992 when she played LAPD Sgt. Lorna Cole in the movie Lethal Weapon 3. She values family and that is why she had been taken moments to spend time with her daughter and husband.

Rene Russo 2015

In 2011 when she played Thor, there was an air of suspicion because her beauty seemed timeless. At her age, there are general expectations as far as aging is concerned. Wrinkles, laugh lines and crowfeet is what people expect to see and not a smooth and well polished face.

The good thing about Russo is that she admitted having gone through the knife. It must be noted that this is not common in the celebrity circles. Many people tend to hide and even deny stories of them having undergone plastic surgery.

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Procedures

Though Rene Russo was not explicit on the procedures that she underwent, looking at her, you can notice some artificialness entrenched in her looks. This is particularly more evident if you have been following her or have had a look at her before and after photos. Here are the more noticeable procedures.

Chin and Cheek Implants

When aging starts to manifest, the cheek and chin are the places that are usually affected the most. Her before surgery photos, reveal a less round chin than it is now. It looks too graceful to be a genetic development. There is no doubt that the chin has been chiseled a little bit so as to align it with the rest of the facial appearance.

Rene Russo plastic surgery before and after

Rene Russo plastic surgery before and after

Usually during such procedures, chemicals such as restylane and juvederm are injected into the skin tissue so as to make the cheeks full and fleshy. This is clearly what happened for Rene Russo Plastic Surgery. She looks better and more youthful now than she was back then. What an irony, it looks like she is aging backwards!


This is the second operation that Rene Russo went through. No one would even dream of a flawless face at the age of 60 and above without surgical intervention. Rene has certainly managed to reverse the hands of time and taken control of her aging process. She has neither wrinkles nor laugh lines but just a smooth face.

Rene Russo then and now

Rene Russo then and now

In a statement she issued, Rene agreed that indeed she went through Botox and laser treatments for her wrinkle lines and she was happy with the results. The surgeon who did the job injected the right quantities of Restylane and Juvederm making the Botox a success.

Looking at Rene Russo plastic surgery before and after photos, you will agree that the decision to go under the knife was well informed and timely. She looks 20 years younger!

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