Rick Springfield plastic surgery was a disappointment not to the people around but also to himself. Even though he didn’t share much about the processes he went through, he explained displeasure at how it turned out. Born in 1949, Rick Springfield is not at an age where he should look youthful and smooth. He gained much of his fame while active in his singing career in Australia.

Just like other celebrities, Rick was at one point under pressure to change his looks so that he can have a more youthful appearance. His case was not as a result of push factors from the crowd or his close fan base but rather from a magazine that wanted him to look young.

In a bid to impress his sponsors, fans and the magazine publication team, Rick Springfield went under the knife. There could be lots of operations that the celebrity underwent but they are not as distinct as the two that are discussed below.

Botox Injections

Rick Springfield plastic surgery

Rick Springfield plastic surgery

Botox operations are argued to be one of the most famous among celebrities. They are done at the slightest hint of aging where celebrity feels that their skins are sagging and wrinkles are beginning to appear on their faces. Botox treatments get rid of all this resulting into a youthful look. How this happens is rather simple, the celebrity looks for a surgeon who can perform the operation and then books an appointment. Because of the popularity of the operation, many surgeons have gained much interest in it and have invested in knowledge acquisition and quality laboratories to serve as premises for the patience.

Rick Springfield is thought to have undergone the same procedure where his skin was injected with fillers that served to smooth out his skin making it tight and slightly shiny. This procedure has side effects although not very much pronounced. The danger that comes to most people is during the treatment itself. The doctors that undertake the procedure usually estimate the quantity of chemicals to use depending on a number of factors which are patient specific. It happens that during the treatment an overdose could be administered thereby spoiling the overall effect rather than making it good.

For Rick Springfield, his Botox treatment did not go well resulting into a rather spoilt look.


Rick Springfield plastic surgery before and after

Rick Springfield plastic surgery before and after

In addition to Botox, some celebrities opt for a facelift. Rick Springfield may have wanted a comprehensive facial enhancement. Since Botox targets only specific parts, a facelift was the other alternative. Through this operation, his facial features were aligned to correspond with his entire appearance. According to pundits, his face looks unnatural and slightly frozen meaning that the entire operation did not go well. Because of the irreversible nature of facial operation, he may have to wait for sometime so as to recover naturally.

One lesson that we can learn from the case of Rick Springfield plastic surgery is that not all that looks well goes well. He could have been better off without going through these cosmetic procedures. Like many celebrities, the regret usually comes much later when the damage has already been done.

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