Rihanna net worth is $140 million and the internationally famed 27 old girl is among world’s highest paid singers. People With Money has counted her to be on number one in the world’s top ten singers list with $82 million combined earnings.

2013 has been a rough year for the singer and since 2012, it looked like she is on rest with no hits on her credit but February 2014 – February 2015 turned her back on top with $50 million lead over her competitors.

She has an estimated net worth of $245 million when we evaluate her smart investments and properties.

She not only earns from selling her albums and touring worldwide for concerts, but she also signs million dollar endorsements from world famous brands i.e. MAC, Cover Girl, Secret Body Spray, Optus, Kodak, Vita Coco, Nivea, and many others.

Rihanna net worth 2015

She is the owner of a number of restaurants i.e. Fat Rihanna Burger Chain. Besides burger chains, she owns a football team as she is fond of playing football in her leisurely hours. The name of the team is Saint Michael Angels. She has also launched a perfume brand called With Love From Rihanna and a clothing line named Rihanna Seduction. She runs a vodka brand named Pure Wonderihanna – Barbados.

Rihanna instagram and twitter are full of the pictures of her mansions and other properties she has invested in.

In 2012, she has bought a $12 million home at Pacific Palisades and she considers herself to be lucky to buy this mansion. She said she wakes up early morning to see the sun rising over her swimming pool and it gives her immense pleasure. The house consists of seven bedrooms and nine baths. After a year, she put it on sale for $15 million. Probably due to her inescapable schedule, she couldn’t enjoy living in this mansion and she thought to move on.

Rihanna's Mansion in Los Angeles

Rihanna’s Mansion in Los Angeles

Rihanna's house

Just awesome!

Rihanna is still unmarried but has been found dating different guys. This valentine, she dated the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and both went to a night club where they go often. Rihanna was also spotted visiting DiCaprio’s home at midnight of the next day. This Holiday season, they were also reported to go on a trip to Caribbean to celebrate New Year.

Rihanna with Leonardo DiCaprioleo

Rihanna with Leonardo DiCaprioleo

Her real name is Robyn Fenty and close friends also call her moniker. She was born in 1988 in Barbados and she was 15 years old when she first began singing and decided to make it her career.

Rihanna Celebrating Carnival

Rihanna Celebrating Carnival

The NY based recording producer Evan Rogers recognized her talent and helped her make her demo tape that was applauded by Jay Z hence, she got her first contract from Def Jam Recordings. She has a sultry Caribbean voice and with her debut album Music of the Sun, she vibrated the music industry. However, it was her song SOS from her 2006 album A Girl Like Me, that made her an international fame.

Rihanna's car lamborghini

Rihanna’s lamborghini

Apart from Rihanna net worth and her wealth, she is the best selling singer of all times who is also famous for her beautiful features and attractive body. She has won 22 Billboard Music awards, 8 American music awards, and 7 Grammy awards.

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