Rihanna plastic surgery could not have escaped the attention of the masses. Bearing in mind the high profile nature of her celebrity status, gossip columnists, celebrity watchers and pundits, all hang around for any bits of news. The celebrity, who has recently had a very successful run in her music and commercials, plays hard and tough to keep on in the limelight.

Being under pressure to act her best, Rihanna has gone to lengthy extents to have her form and structure well above reproach. Though still young and good looking, the world famous singer is rumored to have gone under the surgical knife for a variety of cosmetic procedures.

Sources that have authority over surgical issues have claimed that the celebrity does not look her natural self. The chances of having undergone physical modifications are very high. The question however is, “what kind of surgeries could the celebrity have undergone?”

Rihanna Nose Job Before and After

Rihanna Nose Job Before and After

Rihanna Nose Job Before and After

Looking at her nose, you would tell that there are some differences especially when compared to her previous photos and appearances. As much as 10 cosmetic surgeons have confirmed that indeed the celebrity underwent a nose job. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon, Rihanna underwent a nasal reshaping to make her nose appear refined. It also looks shaper and narrower than it was before.

The motivation behind this is cited to be the need for a uniform and harmonious body where the nose would integrate well with the rest of the facial features. Her nostrils appear smaller and looking at the bridge you can clearly tell that something was built up a little. The tip of the nose must have also received some alterations. However, the surgeon behind the nose job seemed to have done an excellent and commendable surgical procedure.

Breast Implants

Rihanna plastic surgery before and after

Rihanna breasts were traditionally smaller compared to the way they are now. Critics have been treated to all sorts of theories including the fact that the celebrity is still young and growing therefore the possibility to have an enlarged bust with time. Looking closely however, you can tell that the boobs look slightly fake and unnatural giving them the round Hollywood look. There are obvious breast implant lines that tell the tale of a surgical procedure.

One other notable characteristic with her breast that makes it probable that she could have undergone plastic surgery is the size. In just a short period, the boobs have changed in size from a much smaller dimension to 2 cups larger. No diet or exercise has ever been attributed to such a radical change. Structurally, few people would have expected that such a slim girl would have some breasts size.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Overall Opinion

The celebrity seems to have had a good run for every surgical procedure that she has undertaken from the nose job to the breast implants, every bit of cosmetic procedure has fallen within the acceptable limits. The results have been a superstar who continues to be more beautiful and this will serve her well in her career. Evidenced by the recent photo shoot that she had in Brazil, Rihanna still commands an enviable group of fans.

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