Robert Redford Plastic Surgery has been the talk of town lately.

Even though the 75 years old has not openly admitted to the allegations of cosmetic surgery, it is clear from his photos that his appearance was enhanced through surgical procedures.

His fans have kept on asking whether the celebrity underwent a facial and body operation to make him regain his lost youthful appearance.

Robert Redford is a renowned movie star whose activities in the 70s and 80s contributed significantly to the movie industry. Ever since, he has faded out of the celebrity watch list but still there is some publicity about him.

Did Robert Redford Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Partly because of his genetic makeup and his origin, the celebrity may have experienced wrinkles earlier in life than what would be expected. He spent most of his time under the scorching sun putting him at a disadvantage in regard to his youthful look. He made a statement that at 75, he was not looking forward to any sort of cosmetic operations. The latest rumors however suggest that he could have opted otherwise.

Robert Redford plastic surgery before and after

Robert Redford plastic surgery before and after

Eye Lift

According to one expert Dr. Peter Geldner, Robert Redford could have undergone surgical procedures especially on his lower and upper eyes. The operation reduced significantly the upper lid and part of the skin that was hanging a bit loosely was also removed. The lower lid has also experienced some changes in appearance. His eyes as a whole look very alert and more awake than before.

If the rumors are confirmed that he indeed underwent eyelift surgery or what is medically known as Blepharoplasty then it went well on him. He looks younger, cheerful and full of life. He is still the same handsome man even in old age.

Robert Redford then and now

Robert Redford then and now

Eye lift surgeries are one of the common surgical operations that are undertaken either out of medical reasons or personal preferences. Many celebrities opt for this operation especially to get rid of their eye bags and some loose skin around the eyes. Others combine it with Botox operations to enhance the appearance of the entire face. Doctors can also prescribe it to their patients if they feel that their droopy eyes are interfering with their vision.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Success or Failure

The bottom line suggests that Robert Redford had a successful cosmetic operation which served to enhance his looks and rejuvenate his appearance. He is one of the few cases of celebrities who go through plastic surgical operations and yet emerge with the results that they expected.

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