Rupert Everett plastic surgery has been a discussion not only in forums where his fans are present but also in circles where his critics hang out. It is undeniable that Rupert Everett is a celebrity.

Many people would recall him easily for the role he played in My Best Friend’s Wedding alongside Julia Roberts. It is with no doubt that he is a very handsome man and his aging is gracefully. What has happened lately however, is what has caught the curiosity of many people. He appears much younger than his age and his looks have drastically improved giving him a youthful feel.

Upon a closer look both at his physical appearance and his before and after photos, many people have been led to believe that the celebrity must have undergone a plastic surgery. This is a common practice with people in his career and at his age where many are fighting to hang on to the celebrity status by changing their looks.

There are a number of surgical procedures that the celebrity is touted to have had amongst them face lifts, Botox injections and cheek implants. All these procedures have worked towards softening and enhancing his features.

Rupert Everett plastic surgery

Rupert Everett plastic surgery

While it is obvious that he underwent cosmetic surgical operations, the job was so clinically done such that no obvious traces were left behind by the surgeon’s knife. Everything was done in moderation.

Face lift

At his age, many would have expected that Rupert Everett’s skin should have started sagging and wrinkles ought to have appeared. On the contrary things seem to be different. The lifting of his skin seems to have offloaded the many years that the celebrity has had in showbiz. His face looks smoother than his age mates a fact that puts it in black and white that the celebrity must have undergone some corrective cosmetic operations.

Cheek Implants

It is very rare to see a celebrity having gone through a face lift without working on his cheeks. Many of them including Rupert go through cheek implants. In the case of Rupert Everett plastic surgery, the cheeks seem to have been the greatest beneficiaries. They are smooth and look full of life with blood gushing under the skin teleporting the celebrity back to his hey days. The cheek implants and the face lift were done in such a way that some one cannot easily tell the change in looks without looking at his before and after photos.

Rupert Everett plastic surgery before and after

Rupert Everett plastic surgery before and after

Botox Operations

Rupert Everett is also rumored to have gone through Botox injections that have served to smooth his face making it devoid of wrinkles. His forehead is shiny and bright giving the celebrity a look that many would envy at his age.

Rupert Everett plastic surgery has served him well especially in his career. It has given him a distinct appearance enabling him to stay a little bit longer in the film industry. His youthful look has changed his appearance and he looks stronger and virile factors that have effectively extended his acting life. Directors of photography and films usually find it easier and more convenient to work with such a man who has the experience and the looks.

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