Serena Williams net worth is valued at $105 million, based on Forbes’ figures.

Ranked at number one in women’s single tennis worldwide, this net worth isn’t unexpected. Her first professional tennis game was in 1996, at a tender age of 14.

Famously known by her court name “Tornado”, Serena has continued to horn her skills and has earned good money from her games.

In 2012 alone, for instance, the superstar pulled a good $12 million for each tournament she played. More surprisingly, she earns more than double that amount – her earnings range between $20 million to $40 million per tournament. Talent seems to run in the family as she battles it out with her sister Venus Williams who is also a great name in the tennis spheres.

Early Life

Serena Williams young photo

Venus and Serena Williams

Born in Michigan, Saginaw, and raised in California, Serena is the youngest of five sisters. She grew up playing tennis, starting at a very tender age of only 4 years. Together with her sister, Venus, Serena was homeschooled and her father coached her, and Venus, tennis. The good daddy sums as both their manager and coach. They later moved to Palm Beach so that the tennis star could attend Rick Macci tennis academy where their exceptional talents would get much larger exposure.

By the age 10, her father stopped sending his girls to national tournaments due to racial comments from the other white parents. He also wanted the kids to focus more on their schoolwork. By this time Serena was already a huge star in little league of tennis with a 46-3 record on the US Tennis Association junior tour. She ranked #1 in the under 10 players’ category. Serena’s dad however pulled them out of the tennis school and took over their fulltime coaching.

Tennis records

Serena’s high risk, aggressive play balances her serve, which is regarded as the greatest in the history of women’s tennis. During the Australian Open in 2013 she had peaked her serve speed going at an average of 128mph – the third fastest in the world.

Serena Williams net worth

Her performances is top notch and adored by many, thanks to her ball placement and ability to place consistent shots with utmost accuracy. During the Wimbledon Championships in 2012 she broke the record by hitting 102 aces which was even more than any of the men’s records. This huge performance translated into millions in her account.

Serena Williams 2015

Serena is additionally known for her mental agility and toughness. Among the great wins under her bag is three Grand Slams single titles against tennis stars such as Kim Clijsters, Maria Sharapova and Elena Dementieva. Her ability to come back from very bad situations is baffling, for instance, during the US Open in 2012 she was down 5-3 against Victoria Azarenka in the third set but then managed to win the next 4 games and won! Serena was also able to come back from a losing 3-5 against Kim Clijisters in the 1999 US Open that landed the star her first Grand Slam Singles title.

Serena Williams Earnings

Venus and Serena Williams' house

Venus and Serena Williams’ house

Serena is often affiliated with famous brands in women’s division meant to empower young girls to take up on their success and growth. Other major contributors to her net worth is her big brands endorsement deals. Under her belt, she has contracts with Wilsons, Opi Mobile, Nike Women, among many others, all of which bring in an annual income of $12 million. She also recently signed a $40 million contract with Nike to create an athletic women’s clothing line.

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