Smokey Robinson plastic surgery has come as a surprise to many people. No one expected that a man at 73 would result to plastic surgery to improve his looks. Those close to him and those following his photos and media profile can concur on one thing that Smokey Robinson has changed unnaturally. His new look appears reconstructed in a manner that lets the whole world know that he underwent plastic surgery. Whenever people discuss about him, they don’t disagree as to the fact that he underwent a surgery. The point of argument normally is the number of surgeries.

But how many surgeries did Smokey Robinson undergo?

Looking at his face, his eyelids and his brows, you would notice some significant unnatural changes that are not compatible to his age. This leads us to the following surgeries that the celebrity is rumored to have undergone.

Face Lift

This stands out above everything else. Looking at the face of Smokey Robinson, you would notice some work having been done on it. The face looks smoother and sharper like that of a person in his mid twenties. The characteristic wrinkles that are normally the order of the day in a person his age are conspicuously absent. Face lifts usually results into youthful faces and for Smokey Robinson this is also the case.

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery before after

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery before after

He has tried his best to reverse the times but not very successful. Many celebrities usually go for face lifts if they feel that being old for their career means discontinuing their operations. Many of them still want to cling to the glitz and glamour that celebrities enjoy. The sagging skin that a person his age would obviously have is missing in Smokey Robinson. Instead it has been replaced by a tight skin that looks unnaturally his.


With a face lift, comes a sister surgical procedure that aims at giving the face a boost in its appearance. This procedure is the browlift. As one ages, the brows seem to collapse on the eyes and look resigned. This is natural and it would be expected in a person who is well into his seventies. This sign of aging is one that you will notice in Smokey Robinson not because of its presence but because of its absence. Having procured a browlift surgical procedure, there is a difference in the appearance of Smokey Robinson’s brows and those of his age mates. The brow appears pulled up and far away from the eyes making the whole arrangement very unnatural.

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery pic

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery pic

Eyelid Surgery

If the looks are anything to go by, the eyelid surgery has been successful to some extent. At this age you would expect Smokey Robinson to have baggy eyes but looking at his current photos, you will notice something out of the ordinary. His eyes are more open than they were before an aspect that makes them look sharper and fresher. They have made Smokey Robinson to have a more youthful look effectively lengthening his active life.

According to Dr. Youn who is an expert in matters of plastic surgeries, Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery seems to have been overdone. He goes ahead top caution him that any surgical procedures done on him need to be well selected so as to match his age.

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