Sofia Vergara plastic surgery has served to make her more beautiful than before. There is a general agreement concerning her beauty and both her fans and critics consent the fact that she has natural beauty.

In fact some of them say that the beauty she has is God given and it cannot be taken away from her. She has managed to maintain herself up to her forties without any plastic processes. However there is another view coming from the pundits that Sofia Vergara could have gone under the knife to enhance her beauty.

Why the pundits could be right

Natural beauty is great but with time it fades and by the time someone is well into her forties, such beauty tends to show signs of aging. This is what the public are expecting to happen to Sofia Vergara. Time has proven them wrong. The celebrity continues becoming younger and more beautiful as time goes by. This has made many heads roll everyone thinking of the possibility of a plastic procedure.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Secondly, her features are so fine that natural beauty cannot afford. This could be the result of a deliberate move to change her appearance so that she can forever be in the limelight. Whether this is true or false is subject to confirmation. The critics however have made their stand and they attribute this change in appearance to the following operations.

Botox Treatment

By its very design, Botox is meant to enhance the appearance of the skin. It does this through chemicals known as fillers. The most common fillers include Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse. Sofia Vergara could have opted for Botox injections which were done in a minimal way so as not to alter significantly the general appearance. The tweaking was done by an expert who knew out of experience how to slightly alter the dermal features without changing the entire skin structure.

The appearance of Sofia Vergara can be described through close examination where the skin appears slightly tight and stretched in a way that the wrinkles are eliminated. In this way, she has managed to maintain her youthful looks without anyone suspecting of a plastic procedure. How long this will stay depends on how well the process which she denies was done.

Sofia Vergara plastic surgery before and after

Sofia Vergara plastic surgery before and after


Her face looks young and attractive. Her supporters say that she has been looking that way for a long time thereby dismissing any cases of surgical operations. However, critics are of a different opinion. They say that the face has maintained its youthfulness through cosmetic procedures. They point towards the eyes that are alert and bright, the skin that looks tight without any stress lines and wrinkles. To them this is enough to confirm that Sofia Vergara had plpastic procedures to enhance her beauty.

Sofia Vergara breast implant before and after

Sofia Vergara breast implant before and after


Her nose has a confusing appearance of a natural traits and plastic attributes. This is evident in how narrow and refined it is. This compared to the bulbous appearance it had before do not tally well.


Sofia Vergara plastic surgery will still remain a contention between the critics and the supporters. She has denied any attempts at plastic surgery and says that she would never pursue that route. The surgery was well done.

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