Sophia Loren plastic surgery is one that excites both her fans and her critics.

Being at 78, Sophia Loren is no more the young actress that people used to know years back. She has had her share on the runaways and movie theaters but her time is now past. Many people would have expected her to be at rest in her sunset years but contrary to these expectations, Sophia Loren seems to have overturned the tables.

She looks younger, wrinkle free and glowing more than those who are half her age. What has amazed many people is her youthful skin which looks tender and smooth for a person who is nearing 8 decades of earthly existence. The Italian actress according to the rumors going rounds has gone through surgical procedures with an attempt to restore her youthful self.

Are the surgical procedures that the actress is rumored to have undergone obvious? Well, such a question can be answered by looking before and after photos.

Sophia Loren then and now

Sophia Loren then and now

There are a number of cosmetic procedures that Sophia Loren must have undergone and they are –

Face Lift

This is the most obvious of them all. The sagging skin and the bags under her eyes seem to have disappeared. This is the first sign of a face lift. A person her age ought to have some wrinkles, loose skin and basically every element that comes with age. Sophia has defied them all. Her face looks upright, well structured and smooth to face the next decade.

Lip Augmentation

Having flat lips at the age of 70 and above is normal. As people age, the vitality that defined their youthful life goes away with them. Sophia Loren Plastic Surgery seemed to have saved her this agony and change of lip structure. Her lips look nutritious and refreshed for a 78 year old. This can only be attributed to lip augmentation where certain chemicals such as juvederm and restylane are injected to make the lips full and smooth.

Sophia Loren plastic surgery before and after

Sophia Loren plastic surgery before and after

Breast Implants

The shrinking breasts that come with age are definitely not the desire of any person, not even an aging celebrity. Everyone looks forward to having fuller breasts. Sophia Loren is definitely one of the people who have undergone cosmetic procedures to enlarge and rejuvenate their bust. This looks obvious on her as few if any people would expect her to fuller breasts at 78.

Sophia Loren plastic surgery resultsEyelid Surgery

With age, the eyelids assume bag-like shapes. This is the case with every person and is not a peculiar medical condition. This however may not have gone well with Sophia Loren making her procure plastic surgery that aims at correcting the shape of the eyelids into more youthful, watchful and active.

Botox Operation

Having a tight skin that is smooth and full of life is the preserve of youth. This does not seem to be the case with Sophia Loren. Her skin is bubbling with life or so it seems. It’s relatively smooth and shiny for her age. Botox operations are known to cause such effects on the skin. Chemicals and fillers are injected to tighten the skin making it look vibrant.

Looking at Sophia now, you will for sure appreciate the good things that come with plastic surgery. She looks great and ready for another career phase.

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