The Stana Katic nose job rumors are still creating a buzz within the entertainment fraternity. This is as a result of the changes in Stana’s nose. The Castle star has not attempted to dispel the rumors, which have led critics to believe that the allegations are true.

Although the actress has not confirmed the rumors, if you are familiar with Stana, you don’t need magnifying glasses to see that there is an obvious change to her face. Until the actress decides to confirm or deny the rumors, the questions about her nose are not going anywhere.

Stana has been an actress since 1999. She made her film debut in the Acid Freaks. Since then, she has made appearance in several films including Quantum of Solace and Superman: Unbound. Despite these roles, she is more popularly known for the role she plays in Castle, in which she plays a detective. For her role in castle, she won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic, TV Actress. Prior to her role in Castle, Katic made appearances in a few episodes of television series including Jag, The Closer, CSI Miami, ER and Brothers and Sisters.

Stana Katic nose job before after

Stana Katic nose job before after

The changes in Katic’s nose were noted first by her fans during a new season of the popular TV series, Castle, in which Stana is a co-star. Fans immediately noticed that the Stana’s nose looked very different and that her nose totally altered her looks.

Stana KaticThere have been mixed views from fans regarding the Stana Katic nose job. Some of her fans are quite disappointed with Kana’s decision to modify her nose as they thought she was already beautiful with her natural looks. On the other hand, other staunch supporters of the celebrity agree that her new nose makes her more attractive. With that being said, there is no doubt that Kana’s looks have been enhanced for the better.

There is no doubt that Stana is beautiful. Testament to this is her being selected as TV’s hottest woman by Buddy TV. However, it seems that despite her obvious beauty to everyone else, the actress had some “hang ups” about her nose. If we were all to be really honest, Stana’s nose did quite look like that of a pig’s snout. This may have been one of the reasons that prompted her decision to undergo plastic surgery to modify her nose.

Although Kana has not attempted to dispel the rumors, before and after photographs confirm an obvious difference in her nose. Before Stana became famous, her nose was wide, up turned, with a rounded tip. The actress now boasts a narrower nose with a tip pointed downwards.

A well-known Hollywood plastic surgeon has confirmed that there is a difference in Stana’s nose. He said that without a doubt, the actress has undergone a nose job. He commented that actress’ nose is more refined and that whoever performed Stana’s rhinoplasty did a very good job.

The plastic surgeon’s comment has certainly helped confirming the Stana Katic nose job. However, even if Stana never admits her nose modification, we really don’t need another expert to tell us what is clearly obvious to everyone.

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