Stockard Channing plastic surgery would not have captured the attention of many people were it not for the fact that she looks beautiful and fabulous even in her sixties. Celebrity watchers usually keep an eye on celebrities who are past a given age. They monitor how such celebrities carry themselves along because they suspect some appearance enhancing attempts in a bid to stay young.

Stockard Channing may not have been lucky because the cameras were on her. Her fan base, critics and gossip columnists were all attentive to see what she will do to stop her aging process. There are many processes that Stockard Channing is said to have undergone in order to improve her looks. Most of them have been associated with her aging. Below are some of the process the celebrity is rumored to have undergone.

Eye Lift

Not many celebrities are lucky to maintain their perfect eyes all through their aging process. At some point, the region around the eyes starts developing bags as a result of aging. These bags contain fat deposits that come as a result of inactivity and slowing metabolic processes. To remove these effects, eye lifts are usually done by specialized cosmetic surgeons.

Stockard Channing then and now

Stockard Channing then and now

Stockard Channing is said to have procured this operation to curb the appearance on her waning eyes. Looking at her now, you may think that she is half her age. Her eyes are sharper and brighter than before.

Breast Implant

In addition to the eye lift, Stockard Channing is said to have gone forward through another operation. To be in style with other celebrities, the celebrity decided to have a breast augmentation done so as to increase her cup size. Looking at her before photos, you are likely to see a relatively flat bust compared to how it looks now. The breast implant has served to align her bust with the rest of her body structure.


Botox operations are common and are procured with an intention of making the skin appear smooth and tender. At the age of sixties, many celebrities experience sagging skin, wrinkled faces, dominant laugh lines and many other aging effects. These can spoil the celebrity’s appearance.

Stockard Channing plastic surgery before and after

Stockard Channing plastic surgery before and after

Stockard is one of the celebrities who must have experienced this at some point in her life thereby worrying her and putting a spot on her future. To fight this one off, the celebrity is said to have sought Botox treatment involving injections with collagen substances in order to bring her shape back. She looks youthful on her face and her skin is tighter.

Lip Augmentations

Rarely would you see a celebrity who procures Botox treatment without extending it to the lips. Lip augmentation is a procedure aimed at making the lips fuller and fleshier. Using chemicals that are injected into the lips, celebrities usually aim at restoring back their youthful lips vibrant and full of life. Stockard Channing lips could have been the beneficiary of this surgical procedure.

Even though the celebrity has decided to remain silent on the matter, rumors are still being peddled about her surgeries. Stockard Channing Plastic Surgery is said to have served her well and given her a youthful look.

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