Susan Lucci plastic surgery has helped her to reinvent her youthful and attractive looks. At 66, the celebrity still looks younger, wrinkle free and glowing even more than those who are in their thirties. What has amazed many including her critics and fans is her youthful skin which looks tender and smooth for a person her age. The actress is rumored to have gone through plastic surgical procedures to restore her youthful self.

What are the possible cosmetic procedures that Susan Lucci could have procured?

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, a renowned plastic surgeon, Susan Lucci could have procured a facelift, eyelid surgery, brow lift and cheek implants. The doctor went further to note that the surgical procedures were done so perfectly that one can hardly tell that she underwent the operation.

Brow Lift

Looking at her before and after photos, you can see some slight modifications on her brow. The brow looks a bit pulled up and also has a different shape. This is a clear evidence that the celebrity went under the knife to have her brow modified.

Susan Lucci plastic surgery before after

Susan Lucci plastic surgery before after


The sagging skin around her face seems to have disappeared. This is the first sign of a facelift. A person her age ought to have some wrinkles, frown lines, loose skin and other elements that come with age. Her face looks upright, well structured and refined. The surgeon who worked on her face did a superb job. The outcome was awesome and it wasn’t overdone.

Cheek Implants

Apart from a facelift, there is also a possibility that the celebrity went under the surgeon’s scalpel for cheek implants. Susan Lucci cheeks appear fuller than usual making her entire face perfect. This could not be as a result of exercises or diet but simply because of cosmetic procedures.

Susan Lucci plastic surgery procedures

Susan Lucci plastic surgery procedures

Breast Implants

The size of Susan Lucci boobs has slightly changed. Looking at her breasts closely, they appear bigger than they were before pointing towards breast augmentation. Just like many other celebrities, she wanted to have a bust that will fit well into her structure.

Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci

Eyelid Surgery With advancement in age, the eyelids tend to assume bag-like shapes. You can also see some loose skin around the eyes however this is not the case with Susan Lucci. Eyelid surgery is usually done to correct the shape of the eyelids to look more watchful and youthful.

Chemical Peel

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, the celebrity could also have procured chemical peel. This cosmetic procedure helps to make the skin clean as well as remove dead cells and spots. Looking at Susan Lucci, her skin is devoid of dead cells and spots. In addition, it is so clean. Though creams could be used to help clean the face, they cannot clean to that great extent.

Overall Opinion

By and large it can be said that Susan Lucci plastic surgery was a great success and it passes as one of the best cosmetic surgeries. The celebrity has however denied having procured any plastic surgical procedures to enhance her looks. She says it’s all natural. But to have such youthful and attractive looks at her age could only be possible through plastic surgery.

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