Suzanne Somers plastic surgery is a story that has been revolving around the Hollywood actress of American origin. Going through her pictures before and after, you can clearly see a noticeable difference in the way she looks. At 64 years, one would expect her to have wrinkles and eye bags but on the contrary, her face is smooth and her appearance youthful.

Rumors have it that the celebrity underwent Botox fillers together with lip implants as part of her plastic surgery procedures. A look at celebrities all over the world confirms that at the age of 60, most of them prefer these kinds of surgical operations.

Those familiar with Suzanne Somers, especially the fans of the television series Three’s Company and Step by Step, would tell you that her looks have changed significantly. At 64, the star cannot possibly look as youthful as she was in the 1960s without any surgical operations.

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Procedures –

To attain her youthful look, the celebrity is rumored to have undergone a series of surgical procedures.

Botox Treatment and Facials

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery before and after

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery before and after

Botox injections have been a favorite for celebrities who want to get rid of wrinkles and any lines of aging that they could be having. In fact, Botox treatment is often referred to as the perfect anti-aging therapy. The chances of success for such operations however depend on a number of factors amongst them the prowess of the cosmetic surgeon and to some extent luck. Her before and after photos, clearly indicate the sudden disappearance of frown lines.

Pundits have it that Suzanne Somers would have been better off without her facelift. Her new plumped facial features look so weird and fake. This could as well be a case of failed Botox. Her face seems frozen indicating that there was damage to the facial muscles and the nervous endings.

Lip Implants

Her lips are unusually attractive making many gossip columnists and celebrity watchers to suggest that she overdid her lip implants and injections. They look fuller than usual and at her age such enhancements may not really be necessary.

Suzanne Somers then and now

Suzanne Somers then and now

The lips are obviously devoid of wrinkles and the characteristic lines of people at her age. However, it seems the expert who did the entire operation crossed over his surgical boundary leading to a somewhat distorted appearance.

By and large it can be said that Suzanne Somers plastic surgery was not successful and it passes as one of the failed cases. The celebrity has however remained silent on the issue leaving it to the celebrity bloggers and fashion columnists to roll the rumor treadmill.

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