Tameka Cottle plastic surgery has for long been a case of guess work and suspicion. There are those who hold that the celebrity from the Xscape” R&B group did not undergo surgery while another more aggressive side says that the looks of the 38 year old are plastic and somehow unnatural.

There seems to be a change in popularity from her 90’s when the group made her popular to the present when rumors of surgery have made everyone to look for her online and follow her on twitter. Most people suspect that Tameka Cottle may have undergone a series of surgical procedures ranging from Botox injections, to lip injections to breast and butt implants.

Before and after photos of the celebrity reveal some very interesting changes in her body structure and appearance. Below are the likely surgical procedures that Tameka went through.

Lip Injections

Tameka Cottle plastic surgery

Tameka Cottle plastic surgery

Looking at her lips, you would realize that they are bigger and fuller that they were before. This cannot of course be the result of anything else other than the surgeon’s knife. There is no procedure that exists or pills that can make a person’s lips to be full of flesh and blood than surgery. Lip injections have been used by several celebrities before and they have all resulted into the same effect like that of Tameka Cottle bigger and fuller lips.

Breast Implants

Tameka Cottle

Tameka Cottle

You do not need to be a surgeon for you to realize that the celebrity’s boobs underwent some surgical modifications. Analysts on health and beauty matters and celebrity watchers suspect that the likely period over which she went through the boob job is between 2005 and 2010. He breast size is conspicuously large and it fits more in C plus category.

Pundits have criticized her surgical procedures especially her breast implants because they believe compared to her 4’11” size; the breasts are a bit bigger for her.

Tameka Cottle-Butt implants

The lip injections and breast implants were not the only ones the celebrity is said to have undergone. She is also rumored to have taken on the surgeon’s scalpel in yet another procedure; butt implants. The operation is however said to be extreme leaving her looking plastic and with curves that are not only fake but also unnatural.

Critics have it that the butt implants were done with the aim of balancing out the large breasts. Whatever the case, it can be said that her surgical procedure was not one of the most successful ones. It went overboard and gave her extreme features that spoilt her original appearance instead of making it better. Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery was a failure.

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