The question that most health enthusiast asks is how much does a treadmill cost? A treadmill is viewed as one of the natural ways through which one can exercise. An increasing number of people are becoming conscious of their health and would do anything to have it kept in check. Exercising via treadmill has been found to be effective and this has led to many people becoming interested in it. You can either buy it for home use or for a local gym use.

Treadmills come in different brands and each of these brands has their own pricing. The average cost however of treadmills is about $200-$500. There are highly specialized equipments that cost up to $25,000. When assessing the cost of a treadmill, you need to look at some features that will help you in making an informed decision.

Treadmills can either be manual or motorized. As the name suggests, manual treadmills use your physical energy to drive the belt round. A motorized one on the other hand uses a motor in rotating the belt. Manual treadmills are generally priced lower than the motorized ones at an average cost of between $200 and $600. You have a look at one of the manual models sold here at Amazon.

Treadmill Cost

Motorized treadmills come in a variety of sizes. There are smaller sizes and larger ones which retail at different prices. The advantage of motorized treadmills is that they are so easy to move around. The disadvantage they have however is the fact that they get spoilt faster meaning costs of maintenance and repair are very high. For home usage you may find treadmills that cost from $800 to $8,000. These treadmills are designed to receive much more beating and pounding and tend to last longer. They also have many specialized features which makes then fun to use.

Looking at the various parts of a treadmill

Knowing the parts that make a treadmill will go along way into helping you calculate the cost of replacements and repair just in case the treadmill get spoilt.

Treadmill Belt

TreadmillThis is an important feature of a treadmill. Every treadmill has a belt whether motorized or manual. When selecting a treadmill belt you need to look at the one that is both thick and wide enough to enable you exercise comfortably without fears of it snapping. A treadmill which has a belt that is strong enough to support a person measuring $200lb will cost an approximate $1,500.

The motor

This is one of the components that will determine how much the treadmill will cost. There are various types of motors. The power of the motor will be reflected in the way it moves the belt. If the treadmill will be used by more than one person, it needs also to have a very strong motor to support that.

A motor with a horsepower of 1.5 can be an excellent match for those people who weigh 180lb and over. The warranty of the motor can give you an idea of its quality. If possible buy a motor with a lifetime warranty.

Treadmill Controls

Treadmills come with different controls. There are those that enable the user to monitor some variables as they exercise. The most common monitors include calorie monitors, pulse monitors and heart monitors. If the controls are very basic, they will cost approximately $1,000. However if the monitors are advanced, they would cost $1,200 and above.

Get a reliable dealer with a good reputation. Also ask for any after sale services that he may offer.

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