Many car owners have always been battling with this question and wondering just how much does a tune up cost? Many times, this question goes unanswered because it is rare to find articles and publications that address it fully. In this article, we shall dig deep into all the elements that are involved in a car tune up and the cost of every single one of them.

There are lots of factors to consider when looking at the car tune up process. Different companies charge different prices, the kind of services that you require and the type of car in question will to a great extent affect the ultimate price that you will pay.

For you to arrive at the best deal, you need to look at each one of these factors carefully and see where you can leverage to lower your overall cost and still end up with a good car that will have an excellent performance.

The Choice of Company

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This is the beginning step in having your car tuned. The choice of company will to a great deal affect the overall cost payable. Despite the varying prices, the average cost that you are likely to incur for standard services is between $70 and $100. If you are a regular customer in the company, you could even pay as low as $40. It is however good that you seek professional service providers. These are people who have a good grasp of the entire tune up process and can give you an excellent service that will leave you satisfied. Never compromise on quality.

The Location for the Tune Up

This is again a major factor in the choice of tune up services. The location is of paramount importance and it will impact on the overall cost of the tune up service.

There are some states such as Alabama, New York, Ohio and Michigan that are known for charging low on tune up services. Typical charges here range from $40 to $60. However some states such as Washing DC may have companies that charge $70 and more. The city you live in therefore will partially set a floor and ceiling on the much you can pay to have your car tuned up.

Car Tune Up CostThe Car in Question

Your car is also a determinant of the price you will pay. It is rather obvious that different cars attract different prices. Car models that are new like Chevy Impala and Jeep Wrangler will require that you pay a higher price (more than the $70) for the tune up. This is due to the fact that such cars need some revision and this will make the technicians charge you a premium price. With older models, you may pay anything between $40 and $45.

The Range Of Services You Require

There are lots of services involved in the tune up of your car. Things like ignition timing, windshield wipers, car battery wires and spark plugs all need to be serviced. There are companies that will give you different offers and discounts based on the services that they offer. This is done to encourage you to take up more services which in addition to giving them good revenue, will also leave you satisfied and your car functional.

Before taking any packages and offers, look at their cost benefit proposition and see whether it is worth the extra payment.

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