There are no longer any speculations regarding Uee plastic surgery. This is as the actress/singer has openly admitted to getting plastic surgery. Kim Yu-Jin’s, more popularly known as Uee, honesty is quite refreshing.

Although plastic surgery is common among Korean stars, not many of them openly admit to it. Some even deny plastic surgery allegations even when the changes are glaringly obvious, But not Uee.

Uee rose to prominence in the entertainment industry following after joining the girl group, After School, in 2009. Shortly after that, she was cast for a role in an historical drama and this helped propel her acting career.

Since Uee’s appearance in Queen Seon Duk, she has appeared in several other dramas including You’re Beautiful, All My Love, Golden Rainbow and Birdie Buddy. For her roles in these dramas, she has won several awards for Best Actress. She even won an award for best New Comer.


Uee was first rumored to have plastic surgery when a Uee plastic surgery before and after photo was posted of her. One could immediately note the difference in her eyes. Like many Koreans, Uee’s eyes were narrow but her before and after photograph confirmed a wide eyed beauty that sparked a lot of interest. Uee’s double eyelid surgery did much to enhance her beauty. Her once narrow eyes are no more, as the surgery opened her eyes more to reveal large, beautiful eyes. The only flaw we can see are the bags beneath her eyes that were not evident prior to the blepharoplasty. However, that could be the result of her hard work and sleepless nights.

No other changes were noted on the star’s face. In fact, Uee seems content to just have surgery on her eyes. Many have criticised Uee plastic surgery, saying that the star should have opted for a liposuction or a removal of the fat from her face instead. Obviously that is the only part of her body she seemed to have an issue with. Most celebrities opt for the whole works, eyes, lips, nose, jaw-line and more but not Uee.

Uee plastic surgery before and after

Uee plastic surgery before and after

Uee brought an end to the widespread rumors about her eyes by admitting to the surgery. The star said that her eyes were naturally uneven; so she wanted to even them out. She added, “thats why i had minor surgery on my eyes, that’s it.” That was from the horses mouth. Therefore, for anyone that believed that Uee’s eye surgery was done for beauty reasons, nothing could be further from the truth according to the star.

Although many have criticised the actress for her decision to have blepharoplasty, she has had wide support from her fans. Many of them agree that Uee looks quite attractive with the way her eyes are now. Among her many supporters is Uee’s older sister, Kim Yoo. Kim is in complete support of her little sister’s decision and said that her sister was already beautiful prior to the surgery. She agrees that Uee is even more beautiful now.

Uee after school

Uee, seems to be confident with her image, regardless of the slanders from critics about the rest of her body. As the basis for the star’s eye surgery was to even out her eyes and not for beauty reasons, It is highly unlikely that there will be any further Uee plastic surgery rumors. Do you agree?

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