Vivica Fox met with unprecedented success with her 1996 movies, Independence Day and Set it Off. The black beauty soon enough met by rumour mills with Vivica Fox plastic surgery stories. Vivica has had a tremendous career as an actor. She will always be remembered for her brilliant performance in movies like Soul Food, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Kill Bill and Booty Call.

In 2002 with Ride or Die, Vivica has also donned the hat of a television producer. As the black talented beauty ages (will celebrate her 49th birthday this July) she has admitted going for multiple cosmetic surgeries. Let us unveil the details.

Hollywood is obsessed with white colour. Being black can have repercussions if you want to enter the industry (even if you are talented). Vivica Fox has never been criticized for her black colour and she remains one of the most notable African-American leading ladies in Hollywood. This can be attributed to her acting talent. But Vivica is only human. She has also caught the Hollywood’s cosmetic surgery obsession and went for modifications in her breasts, face, lips and nose.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery photos

Plastic surgery photos

Vivica Fox has remarked plastic surgery procedures as ‘tune-ups’ and admitted to getting under the knife. “This is how I feel about life; as long as you keep getting better, whatever it takes to get you there, you do it. If you’re comfortable with it — you like it, I love it.”

Botox Injections or Dermal fillers

Botox is the gateway to plastic surgical procedures. It is speculated that 8 in 10 women resort to Botox in Hollywood for hiding ageing signs from their face. Vivica Fox before and after photos reveal that she now boasts wrinkle-free forehead. With so other signs of ageing around the smile line it is suspected that Vivica has either gone for Botox or dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

Nose Job and Upper Lip Injection

Vivica used to have a big nose. But as one looks at Vivica Fox plastic surgery before and after photos it is clear that her nose is now smaller. It is perfectly chiselled with a defined bridge. These alterations suggest that at least a minor nose job has been performed.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery before and after

Vivica Fox plastic surgery before and after

The Actress has also been rumoured to have had an upper lip injection in form of Collagen. Vivica now boasts fuller lips, adding to her sensuousness.

Vivica Fox Breast Implants Malfunction Photos

The most talked about aspect of Vivica Fox plastic surgery chapter have been her botched breast implants. Vivica Fox breasts look rippled and stretched. This squashed boobs have been caught on the camera and have been a subject of great discussion with speculative stories. The silicon implanted breasts probably have hollow spaces and give her chest a bumpy, intended look. This can be attributed to abuse of implants.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery gone wrong

Celebrities are generally obsessed about their bodies and physical appearances. has opting for one or more plastic surgeries become a norm in Hollywood? What do you think of her plastic surgery, particularly her breast implants?

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