Back in the 60s when Wayne Newton just launched his career, he was among the most attractive crooners. However, Wayne’s bid to hold on to his youthfulness has led to several Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumors.

The 70 year old crooner is accused of being a sheep trying to look like a lamb. The comments are as a result of alleged plastic surgery on his face including: his eyes lips and cheeks. Mr. Newton is listed among the worst cases of male celebrity plastic surgery gone badly.

The singing icon has managed to remain relevant through his over 40 years career. Hats such as, Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast is as alive in the hearts of his fans, as it was when it was released back in 1972.

The singer, however, is more popularly known for his signature songs, Red Roses for a Blue Lady and Danke Schoen. Wayne Newton songs are still quite popular. The singer still manages to draw audiences of up to 30,000.

Wayne Newton plastic surgery before and after

Wayne Newton plastic surgery before and after

Wayne has not been open to discussing the plastic surgery rumors; so, the allegations are unconfirmed. Despite this, you do not need to have a trained eye to see that this star looks years younger than he actually is. Typical characteristics of seventy odd year olds include wrinkles, especially in the forehead region. But no wrinkles are evident on Wayne’s forehead. In fact, his smooth, stiff forehead has earned him the name, “frozen face.”

Wayne Newton’s Plastic Surgery on Eyes

Among the Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumors is that of his eyes. He is alleged to have had surgery performed on his eyelids. It seems to have gone quite wrong, as the singer’s right eye seems a tad smaller than the other one. Before and after pictures show Newton’s eyes as being of equal size back in 2002.

Face Lift

If Wayne Newton’s reason for opting for plastic surgery was to look younger, he definitely achieved that. However, the star’s face looks stretched and artificial. Newton is accused of trying to look exactly as he did when he was young. He hardly looks forty years older in before and after pictures taken when he just started out in his field.

Wayne Newton plastic surgery photo

Wayne Newton then and now

The face lift rumor is among the most prominent, surrounding the singer. The singer’s face looks relatively tight for his age. In fact, the tautness of his face is not working for him, as it seems very unnatural, especially for a man his age.

Trying to look younger his not a new thing among celebrities. However, Wayne Newman’s attempts seem to have gone awry. The result is a look that makes him seem as if he is trying too hard to retain his youthfulness. His fans no doubt wouldn’t have had any problems with his signs of aging.

However, Wayne seems to be unable to let go of the memories of his dashing, good looks back then, and his young vibrant skin. Do you think Wayne has successfully achieved his quest to look younger? Or is he another victim of a botched surgery?

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