A wedding is one of the most memorable events that happen in people’s lives. Because of this, the organizing committee working together with the bride and the groom usually does their best to ensure that the day is forever etched in memories of those present. Ranging from the music to the food, every component is made to impress.

It is common to hear people asking, how much does a wedding Dj cost? Well, most of the time this question usually goes unaddressed. In this discussion we shall seek to bring into the open the dollar amounts that Djs charge on wedding events.

The importance of a deejay at a wedding party cannot be overemphasized. He enhances the jubilant mood and brings in a sense of merry making. This is mostly the case during reception and dinner where everyone wants to be entertained. A deejay also knows how to balance the mood through the choice of music and song. In the morning for instance when marriage vows are exchanged, a lighter atmosphere is usually preferred and later on the crowd can burst into song and dance.

DJ Cost

Based on the prevailing market rates, to hire a DJ and an MC together with a snow machine, percussionists and lights may cost you $1,950. This guarantees you entertainment for roughly 6 hours. If you want a lesser amount, you could get a DJ for approximately $550 but this will come with limited number of services. In the latter case, you may have prearranged songs so that the work of the DJ is limited to just spinning the records.

A recent survey revealed that for you to hire a professional DJ on a per hour basis together with the sound system, you could be charged anything between $100 and $300. Weekends and holidays are usually considered peak times and the hourly rate is usually set at around $200.

If you decide to hire the DJ for an off-peak gig, you will have to pay $1,250 for a round of 6 hours complete entertainment. Most of them may also charge you travel fees and others may give you discounts of up to 10% for early bookings. This is done to encourage people to make requests in advance so that’s the DJ can plan his time well.

You may also opt for a smaller DJ service that may cost you around $800 for 6 hours. Depending on your financial muscles you may choose to hire a complete band or just a sound system to play your tracks and a DJ to do the mixing.

If you want low cost DJs, the following tips may be of assistance to you –

Off peak weddings – when you hold your wedding at this time, the demand for DJ services is usually low meaning you will pay less. The period between May and November, January and March are considered to be off-peak seasons. Early booking usually attracts a discount and this could go a long way in reducing the cost you would otherwise incur.

Limited DJ services – You can opt for limited services to save on the cost. Having limited services may not necessarily mean low quality entertainment.

Before settling for a DJ, ensure you spend time to know them better. You can also ask for their recordings so as to ascertain the quality of their services.

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