Many people have spoken about Wendy Williams plastic surgery in a positive way. She is one of the few women celebrities to come out and defend their plastic surgeries allegations.

She not only spoke openly about it but also went ahead to write about it on her book. This one served as an eye opener to many celebrities and wannabe celebrities who may want to pursue plastic surgery in the course of their lifetime.

Despite the opposition form family, Wendy Williams went ahead to get the surgery so as to prove her point that when done well, surgical procedures can be beneficial to the recipient.

Why she spoke about it publicly

Wendy Williams must have seen the need to go for the cosmetic procedure. Aging could have contributed to her decision. However, the most outstanding thing is that she owned the process and spoke about it gladly thereby demystifying whatever claim and rumors there are concerning her procedures.

Wendy Williams then and now

Wendy Williams then and now

Speaking about such a practice helps in putting into the open any misunderstandings and malicious accusations concerning the procedures that people undertake. Most celebrities have gone into hiding concerning their cosmetic processes terming them as personal; affairs that need to be closely guarded.

Wendy Williams’s plastic surgery details

According to her own confession, Wendy Williams says that she underwent the following procedures each with a distinct reason.

Breast Augmentation

Wendy Williams says that the sizes of her breasts were small compared to the size of her body. This means that she had to go for an operation so as to boost the cup size. This process was well done and comparing her before and after surgery photos, there appears to be a clear difference in the size and appearance of her bust. Increasing the breast size has been a common phenomenon among women celebrities and this has been propelled by the need to look sexy and beautiful all the way to old age.


Wendy Williams plastic surgery before and after

Wendy Williams plastic surgery before and after

Fat accumulation happens both at young and old age. Also, following birth, fat tends to accumulate around the belly and hips. To get rid of this, extensive exercises are necessary. Also, proper diet is very important so as to flush out the fats.

However, most celebrities Wendy Williams included opt for liposuction so as to surgically remove the fat. Combined with a tummy tuck, Wendy Williams managed to get rid of unwanted fats around the belly and the thighs.

Botox Injections

Without denying, the celebrity has accepted that she went through Botox operations so as to smooth her skin. Wrinkles, stretch marks, stress lines and all undesirable attributes of aging can be wiped out through Botox treatment. Wendy Williams’ skin looks great at her age.

Nose Job

This is another operation that Wendy Williams procured. Looking at the tip of her nose, it looks pointed and sharper than it previously was. Also, her nose is narrow and her nostrils even. This has given her a slightly different appearance. She looks amazingly great and beautiful.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery is a successful story that deserves to be mentioned whenever a discussion on plastic surgery is initiated.

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