Will Smith net worth is $220 million and he is an amazingly multi-talented person who was once known to be the most powerful star in Hollywood.

The popular actor/singer Will Smith was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and when he was 16 years of age, he met a DJ at a private party. They became good friends and this friendship gave birth to the famous rapping duo. They adopted new names when they started rapping together; they were now DJ Jazzy and Fresh Prince.

Smith liked rapping but he was into acting as well, and in 1990 he found an opportunity to act in a TV show. The name of the show was The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Two years later, he signed a contract of a film and since 1992; he has been starring in famous movies. Smith was born in a mediocre family; his mom was a school board staff member and father owned a refrigerators company.

Will Smith net worth 2015

He studied from a Catholic school and was raised in a strict environment. He was cute, charming, and bright by nature and Will Smith family life and upbringing made him a disciplined too. He knew how to get out of trouble. His friends were kind of impressed with his talents and wittiness so they began calling him Prince.

So Prince started rapping at a very young age. He was just 12 when he successfully emulated rappers like Grandmaster Flash but he added his own rhymes to their music that later became his trademark. In the field of acting, he gave winning performances one after another; and one of his blockbusters is known as Men in Black.

He played the role of a world famous boxer Mohammad Ali in the movie and he went through intense training and self disciplining to prove himself as an athlete who could justify the charismatic character of the boxer Ali. This film won him the best actor’s Oscar.

Will Smith oscar wins

I, Robot in 2004 was another hit in which Smith played the role of a cop who investigates a murder committed by a robot. This movie earned $144 million in America’s box office.

Smith talked so captivatingly that a film producer thought to cast him in a romantic comedy in which he played the role of a lady man who was a dating consultant helping unfortunate guys achieve their dream girls. Will Smith quotes in this film were a huge success and his romantic moves were adapted by many guys in real life.

Will Smith with wife Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith with family

Let’s talk about his personal life; he married twice in his life, first in 1992 and later in 1997. His first marriage lasted just for three years and they had a son together. His second marriage continues to date and he had a son and a daughter from his second wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Will Smith's house

Will Smith’s house

They live in Florida and Smith has built an adobe style house that is designed by Stephen Samuelson. When you look at its pictures, you’ll be convinced that it is Will Smith net worth that allowed him to build such an adorable luxurious house. We’ll conclude the article with an interesting fact about Smith. Do you know he was 6 feet two inches tall since he was 13.

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