The Real Housewives of Atlanta TV show star Kenya Moore was the second African-American and Detroit native to get the coveted Miss USA crown. But most recently Kenya’s butt has risen to fame.

Kenya Moore plastic surgery episode has been stated as the reason for her sexier and more attractive appearance. Comparing Kenya Moore’s photos from the past will actually make you doubt the legitimacy of her butt. What is interesting to note is that the star very recently (in May, 2014) tweeted that she is Europe and got a little work done there.

She went to ask her fans in the tweet that was the work “too much or nah?” This tweet as per some of Kenya’s social media fans was a joke, as the picture posted with the tweet post was irrelevant, probably poking fun at a cast member.

Kenya Moore got butt implants in Mexico

Yes that is the insider information on Kenya Moore’s butts. One of Kenya’s close friend revealed that the butt she flaunts aren’t natural.

Kenya Moore plastic surgery

The media has time and again covered up ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ TV show cast, speculating on who has gone for which plastic surgery. In the alleged boot war with Phaedra Parks on the season 5 of the show, Phaedra accused Kenya of sporting implants on her butts.

Reports have also sprouted up that Kenya’s butt surgery has already been thoroughly documented in the Modelling industry. Kenya’s left butt has a dent since it was not given proper care after the silicone implantation. Post the surgery was carried out, the star was supposed to sleep on her belly, but Kenya was rather sleeping on her side. This led to the imperfections. The documentation revealed that this dent is now photoshopped. While there is no evidence for concluding that this documentation is true, the story is shocking.

Kenya Moore also alleged of cosmetic surgery on her face

As per some plastic surgeons Kenya has also had a “tip rhinoplasty.” This has led to a more defined nasal tip, the star currently flaunts. Besides, she has also gone under the knife to blunt her deep smile lines. She opted for filler (probably, Juvederm) to her mid face for it. The elegance on her face is as a result of the above tweaks on her face.

Kenya Moore had fibroid removal surgery in January, 2014

Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: APEGA/EG

Kenya accepted going under the knife on Instagram, but, not for getting beauty enhancements. Instead, she got her fibroids removed from uterus. She stated in the photo she posted on Instagram, that she was ‘closer to her dreams’, probably indicating her wish to have a child.

The former Miss USA actually never had a light skin body. Her chocolaty rich complexion along with her sexy butts has made her an object of every man’s fantasies. Whether the Kenya Moore plastic surgery stories are true is for you to decide. By comparing her pictures from the past to her current ones, do you find anomalies corroborating the plastic beauty rumours? Let us know your thoughts by using the comment box.

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