Rose McGowan plastic surgery may have made her more famous than her drama series Charmed. Plastic surgery is a tendency that is not only common among celebrities but lots of American women do it in their own private ways each and every year.

Everyone has their own reason what they go through this process. One of the key reasons is that they want to look gorgeous and extraordinary just like the Hollywood celebrities. It is not a strange and extraordinary happening to see an actress or singer go under the knife.

The case of Rose McGowan could have attracted lots of interest because of the fact that it gave her a rapid change of her entire appearance.

In 2007, she had a near fatal accident that deformed her to a larger extent. One of her body parts that were injured was the eye. This made it almost inevitable to go through a cosmetic correction procedure. Although she has not publicly stated this, from her looks it is rather obvious that a corrective action was done.

Rose Mcgowan plastic surgery gone wrong

Rose Mcgowan plastic surgery gone wrong

Apart from the eye procedure, the celebrity is also said to have procured lip augmentation. Having suffered slight damages during the accident, Rose McGowan felt that she needed her lips to be worked on. They now look much better although the surgery was not one of the best. The lips are slightly out of proportion with the rest of the facial features and they appear large in an unnatural way. Normally, lip augmentation is done using fillers such as Restylane which makes them vibrant, fleshy and young.

The cheek bones seem to have been worked on as well. They look different in structure signaling some transformational change. Many people argue that it was not done well because she looked better in her natural looks than with the modified cheek bones.

She also underwent breast implant out of her own desire to be in shape. While many celebrities remain dissatisfied with their bust size, not all of them go through surgical procedures. However, there are those who go for breast reduction or enlargement to fit their ideal body shapes. Rose McGowan could have been pushed by public sentiments or her own preferences in going through the breast augmentation. Her bust is much fuller now.

Rose Mcgowan breast implants before and after

Rose Mcgowan breast implants before and after

Whether it was because of the accident or not, Rose is said to have gone through a nose job. This was probably done to correct her nose into the shape she wanted it to be in. A sharper nose with a thinner structure could have been her ideal form. Looking at the narrow nostrils and the refined nose tip, you can clearly tell that an operation was done on it. Usually, Rhinoplasty involves a restructuring of the cartilage and surrounding bone.

While many women result to plastic surgery as a way to correct their looks after accidents or even giving birth, it is not always guaranteed that they will have good results. Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery has shown how a good look can be transformed into a less appealing one through cosmetic procedures. It is a definite case of a surgery gone wrong.

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