Those people who are planning to own or hire cars and are looking at the total cost they are likely to incur in operating it would find the selves asking; how much does an oil change cost? This is a very critical question which requires a definite answer. As you start budgeting for your car, you need to look at all the cost elements so that you do not leave out others only to be inconvenienced later on.

There are synthetic blends and the conventional oils. Whenever you change synthetic oils, you end up paying more that when you change the normal unblended oils. The good news is that most cars today run on the normal oils so you do not have to pay for the man made variety.

There are many places you can go for an oil change. It can be a garage, a petrol station or it can just be done at home by a mobile mechanic. Whatever the place, the approximate cost of the oil change is around $25. This cost includes both the oil and the labor. Higher grade oils can cost up to $40 to change.

Oil Change Cost

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One of the secret to oil changes is to ensure that you do not run low before the next change. Whenever your fluid levels are so low such that the auto store fills a quart of oil and above, you will be charged for the extra oil. This will make the whole exercise unnecessarily costly. It is also good to have a rough idea of what the refill will entail before it is done so that you get prepared for it.

Ways of cutting down the oil change budget

One of the first choices when it comes to saving money in oil changes is to do it yourself. It may not be as easy but if you learn the process, it could save you like $10 in labor. However, you need to be careful that you do not put the new oil into the old one that is still in the tanks.

Local mechanics can also do the job for you at a lower labor costs. These are people you know and you relate well with. Most of them will charge you around $5-$8 for the labor. One thing that you need to remember though is that the cost of the oil will never change.

Oil Change Facts

You can also look for coupons and discounts that will enable you save some cash. There are coupons that will give you a breather of like $4 or $6 on the overall cost making you pay $16 instead of $20.

Having an oil mechanic that will offer you auxiliary services will go a long way in giving you value for your money. Some of them may conduct other checks that are likely to be value adding as part of the oil change process.

In whichever case, do not expect to pay more than it is necessary. Always stick to the right average of between $20 and $40 and be careful that you are not duped by quacks who pose as genuine and skilled oil change mechanics.

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