Whoopi Goldberg net worth is $45 million and this legend’s birth name was Caryn Elaine Johnson but she was called Whoopie Cushion by her close friends and family. Since she became famous for her comedy so she better thought to continue with the name Whoopi for the rest of her life as this name sounds a bit interesting than her real name.

There is also a story behind her last name. Her mommy thought that Johnson doesn’t sound like very Jewish when it comes to the name of a stage actress. So she changed it to Goldberg and Whoopi Goldberg became her professional name.

Miss Goldberg was an extreme drug addict and she took drugs since her teenage years. She married her drug counselor in 1973 and she had a daughter from him. She worked as a bank teller and later as a beautician at a local salon. Once she entered into the field of show biz, she earned billions of dollars.

Whoopi Goldberg net worth 2015

  • Goldberg was nominated for two Academy Awards (The Color Purple, The Ghost) and she won for the Ghost.
  • She is the first African American who was nominated for the Academy Award (Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress).
  • She also won the Drama Desk Award in 1985 for the Outstanding One-Person Show when she gave a solo performance on Broadway.
  • She was nominated for 8 Daytime Emmy Awards, and she won two of them. She was also nominated for 5 (non-daytime) Emmy awards. She was an acknowledged person for Golden Globe nominations thrice, and she won two awards from Golden Globe.
  • A Grammy Award was also awarded to her in 1985 for “Whoopi Goldberg: Direct from Broadway”. At that time, she was the second woman to receive that award, as well as the first African-American woman.
  • She also received an award from Tony Awards for producing the Broadway musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.
  • She received three People’s Choice Awards.
  • She won the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Vanguard Award in 1999. Throughout her life, she has been enthusiastically active to support gay and lesbian communities.
  • She also received three nominations for five American Comedy Awards and she won two of them.
  • She received the most esteemed Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. This award was given at the Kennedy Center and she also received the Women in Film Crystal Award to be an exceptional woman who has helped in the development of women empowerment in the entertainment industry and she has achieved it through her fortitude and the distinction of her efforts.
  • She also received the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2009. This award was given to her for her character played in The View.

Whoopi Goldberg net worth is $45 million because she is one of the few acclaimed persons who have the honor to receive an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and an Oscar. Goldberg has worked in more than150 films. It was in 1990s that she was acknowledged as the highest-paid actress of all time. Her compassionate efforts include considerable attempts for Comic Relief.

Whoopi Goldberg's house

West Orange home

Whoopi Goldberg net worth and house

Home Interior

In 2002, she sent her statuette to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with cleanliness purpose and it was stolen. Later the shipping company recovered it to Goldberg. She also received an honorary membership of Harlem Globetrotters exhibition team of basketball players. She received an award from the Hans Christian Andersen Awards in 1987 for giving a marvelous performance by a dyslexic. She was the most paid actress in 1993 because she was paid $12 million for her role in the film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

Very few people know what Whoopi was like when she was a young girl and when she was not famous. She lived in an ordinary house with her mom and younger brother and her father died when she was quite young. Her mother had to do a nurse job to look after her kids.

Her mom tried her best to motivate her children and always taught them to work hard and encouraged them to never allow racial differences be a downer. Her mom also brought her to watch stage plays of the famous actors of her time i.e. James Earl Jones. It was Whoopi’s first introduction with theatre, drama, and acting. She also loved watching movies and she was very enthusiastic to imagine that movies are the place where no racial differences actually exist.

Whoopi Goldberg with her daughter - Alex Martin

Whoopi Goldberg with her daughter – Alex Martin

Later when she grew up, she knew that Black artists are assigned less significant characters in the movies of her time. She was a dyslexic by birth and she was hated and hooted in her classroom. Her classmates considered her to be mentally retarded.

She loved a bohemian lifestyle and started taking drugs at a very young age. She had three abortions, one of which was a self induced abortion. Later she saw many of her friends dying or becoming seriously sick because of drugs, so she decided to stop her drug addiction and get herself admitted to a local rehabilitation centre. There she met the love of her life, Alvin Martin and married him. What we learn from her struggles is that one can turn one’s destiny provided one deliberately decides to do so and pursues it with determination.

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