Yo Gotti is an American rapper and record producer, who was born in 1970. His birth name was Mario Mims but he got his first stage name to be Lil Yo. Yo Gotti net worth is $3.5 million and this African American rapper’s popularity is growing over time.

Yo Gotti’s first album was Youngsta’s On a Come Up. He also laid the foundation of a collective music group and this group was initially called Cocaine Music Group but Yo Gotti considered it to be an underground band name so he changed it to be Collective Music Group.

He wanted it to be a label where all new enthusiastic artists get signed to. This label includes Snootie Wild, Wave Chappelle, Jordan Hollywood, Will Calloway, Zed Zilla, and of course Yo Gotti himself. He has given several hits to the American Billboards Charts and in 2006, his album Back 2 da Basics proved to be a super hit.

Yo Gotti net worth 2015

Live from Kitchen was his first studio album that was released in 2009 and it stayed on number 19 for several months. This was his first 5 star album and it won him a huge success by selling 16000 copies on the first day of its release.

His family life and upbringing was not very nice since his mother and aunts believed in snitch or die kind of lifestyle and so was taught to him. He too lived a gangster’s life and his assets, property, and family, everything was being snatched by the people around him.

We notice a lot of profanity in his music and when asked, he always explains that the childhood bullying and suffering is a big reason why this affliction has become a part of his personality. He has seen many hardships in his life and when his third album Life was released, he found sometime for himself and went on a world tour. He has become rich by earning in the music industry and mostly by rap.

Yo Gotti's house

Yo Gotti’s house

In 2005, he hit the million dollar club and entered into America’ richest people list by giving hits one after another. As soon as he releases a new album, it reaches the top of hip hop charts. He has sold 100,000 copies of his popular singles ‘Cold Blood’ and ‘Act Right’ in the first month of the release in 2013.

Yo Gotti's car - Rolls Royce

Yo Gotti’s car – Rolls Royce

When Yo Gotti net worth increased after releasing successful albums in a row, he also began collecting assets what rich people normally do. He has purchased a gold dog tag with diamonds framing in which he has carved Cocaine Muzik 7. He also owns a Rolls Royce car and he still has a long way to go so more successful releases will surely increase his worth and assets.

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