Beyonce Knowles plastic surgery is one which the media propagated with much hyper because of the profile that the musician has.

In Hollywood, it has become trend that whenever an actor or musician approaches old age, they try to fight it through surgeries. It can be understood partly because of the pressure from both the profession and the followers. The desire to remain young and good looking could have been the principle reason that drove Beyonce into undertaking a number of plastic surgeries.

Looking at her before and after photos, you will realize the difference that the celebrity has undergone in terms of looks.

In many of the events that she has appeared in public, her looks have been slightly different from how she was previously.

Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Just by examining her and following up on the celebrity gossip you would know for sure that the celebrity underwent some specific surgical procedures. Some of the known operations that she procured include the following.

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After

Beyoncé Knowles Nose Job

Beyoncé Knowles Nose Job

Rarely would be celebrities be satisfied with the appearance of their noses compared to the rest of their facial features. Beyonce was no exception. She went under the knife so as to reduce and refine her nasal features. Looking at her before, you can see the structure of the nose being slightly un-proportional and unfitting. After the noise job, the tip of her nose looks refined and the bridge slightly narrow. The nose is also sharper and slimmer than it used to be. All these are signs of Rhinoplasty.

Lip Augmentation

Looking at the shape and turgidity of her lips, one thing that comes clear is that the celebrity must have undergone lip surgery. Usually lip surgery contributes to the fullness of the lips making them fleshy and large. Most celebrities consider this an enviable appearance making them rush towards procuring it. What usually happens is that chemicals called fillers are injected into the lips. These fillers have an effect of raising the skin and flesh making the lips fuller. Beyonce’s lips in her before and after plastic surgery photos are definitely different.

Boob Job

Beyonce’s bust has undergone a significant change. Initially, it was small and somehow out of place for any celebrity of her caliber. Following the surgery which involved boosting of the boobs sizes, she enhanced her bust size making it bigger and fuller. Her breasts are round the Hollywood way.

Beyonce plastic surgery before after

Beyonce plastic surgery before after

Skin Lighteners

Beyonce plastic surgery is one which involved a significant change of her skin and its complexion. Being an African-American, one would have expected to see the darkened complexion even if it is in a distance. Looking at her now, you can clearly tell the difference. She is lighter and more youthful than she was before.


Beyonce plastic surgery may not have been acknowledged fully by the celebrity herself but it does not mean that it did not take place. Unlike some other celebrities whose surgical operations fail at some point, Beyonce’s case is different. She looks beautiful in appearance and her body is great. The cosmetic procedure went her way.

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