Christina Aguilera plastic surgery could not have attained less publicity because the star is a household name. She is known for many of the tracks that have been at the top of the pop charts worldwide such as Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants.

The celebrity who is in her thirties was first discovered following the show named Star Search. From there henceforth, her fortunes increased and she gained some considerable publicity all the way to her signing with RCA records. Being a singer and songwriter, the celebrity commanded a huge followership.

Rumors about the Plastic Surgery

Celebrities always want to look good without accepting the fact that they resort to beauty enhancers. Very few people agree to their plastic processes and even defend their stands. Christina is not one of those who will gladly accept her procedures. This is what has made speculations to be rife that the celebrity must have procured not one or two but several cosmetic operations.

Some of the procedures she is likely to have undertaken include the following:

Breast Augmentation

Christina Aguilera breast implants before and after

Christina Aguilera breast implants before and after

Looking hot and sweet at her age is not something that comes easy for most people. Her burst has increased from the size it was initially and this has been the subject of major tabloid and gossip column speculations. Many people have attributed this increase to child birth and the fact that she had to breastfeed. All these are valid alternatives but this does not erase the fact that the celebrity enhanced her breasts at some point. Hollywood celebrities have had the tendency of enlarging their boobs making them rounder and firm.


One thing that comes out clear when you look at the nose of Christina Aguilera is the fact that it appears narrow in structure with a wider bridge. The nostrils are also even in appearance and this can possibly be the work of Rhinoplasty. Celebrities tend to do this operation so as to align their nasal features with the rest of the face. Balance however is needed when conducting this rather delicate operation. One of the cases where a Rhinoplasty went completely wrong is that of the late Michael Jackson. Aware of these dangers, Christina Aguilera must have searched for the qualified and experienced surgeon to work on her.


Botox fillers such as juvederm and restylane have been in use for quite some time in the beauty and fashion world. By injecting these fillers under the top layer of the skin, it becomes tightened and wrinkles disappear. Christina Aguilera looks too fine on the skin meaning this procedure could have been a possibility on her.

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery before and after

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery before and after


Following the birth of her son, her body structure was altered a little bit and some fat started accumulating as it is the norm. Although workouts and diets are said to have done the trick, there is also a chance that liposuction was procured as an early measure to prevent further accumulation of belly fat.

Whether the makeup on her lips is responsible for the fleshy and sexy lips or not, Christina Aguilera looks beautiful and at her age she is so much in the race. The cosmetic procedure did her well.

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