Dwyane Wade net worth is estimated at around $95 million as of 2015. The handsome NBA maestro plays for the Miami Heat and is loved for his skills and looks.

Wade is such an asset to the Miami Heat that they pay him a premium to keep him in the team. He is well widely known in basketball spheres and features among the top America’s basketball players. Wade is also among the wealthiest athletes globally. With his skill and agility, we estimate his net worth will be in hundreds of million dollars.

Early life

Born in Chicago, he grew up looking up to Michael Jordan. This inspired his basketball dream and has contributed a lot to who he is today. He hails from a complicated background with his mom struggling with drugs to make ends meet. His dangerous environment was also a detriment to his upbringing. This rough journey did not deter him, in fact it gave him the desire to achieve the unthinkable. He accredits his sister Tragil as the reason why he did not go down the wrong path. Tragil was the most responsible of the family and was constantly looking out for him.

Dwyane Wade net worth

Starting on Basketball

Dwyane started playing basketball in an attempt to fight substance abuse. Having a drug addicted mother and constantly having the drugs lying around was a challenge. His environment was pretty challenged with gang violence and little regard for rules. Dwyane’s parents used to take him play basketball at the park. He grew up looking up to Michael Jordan and he current plays are inspired by him. He started on with the school’s basketball team but his play wasn’t as good since he was really short. He grew some inches more that increased his game play to 11.0 rebound games and 27.0 points.

National Basketball Association career

Dwyane emerged top 5 in the 2003 draft of the Miami Heat team. He was the most productive player averaging about 16.2 points. He was among the only 4 university players to be drafted in the Miami Heat. He further impressed his team with outstanding performance in the Indiana Pacers semi-finals. He gained international recognition especially during the 2005 All-Star game. Dwyane was the NBA champion on several games and finals MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Dwyane Wade playing basketball

Dwyane Wade playing basketball

Source of wealth

Dwyane’s salary from his basketball games is the majority contributor to his net worth. Being the star player of his team, he receives a better remuneration compared to his teammates. His annual salary at Miami Heat stands at an astonishing $18.7 million.

Dwayne Wade's Chicago house

Dwayne Wade’s Chicago house

On top of that, he receives another $17.4 million as salary for his professional services. He has diversified his income. His brand name earns him huge revenues from endorsement deals. This brings to the table an addition of $11.5 million in endorsement contracts. He also has some real estate investments with a grand mansion near Miami Beach. His mansion is worth close to $11 million and other townhouses worth $1.5 million.

Dwyane has put in a lot of effort and hard work to get to where it is. He came from a pretty messed up background, but he still made it through. It is said that talent is the greatest revenue generator and Dwyane uses his maximally. He found what he was good at, pursued it and now he worth millions. Have you discovered your talent yet?

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