Emily Maynard is famous for her appearance on season 15 of The Bachelor where she won the heart of bachelor Brad Womack,. Although Emily Maynard fought hard against a pool of 25 women looking for their next true love, it didn’t work out for the couple in the long run.

Fortunately, Maynard was able to reappear on season 8 of The Bachelorette, where she chose promising entrepeneur Jeff Holm. That didn’t quite work out either.

Despite her loves lost, Maynard is one of the best looking women on the market. The question in many’s mind remains: how real are her good looks? Is her beauty natural? Has she had plastic surgery done?

Emily Maynard Has Baggage

Despite being beautiful, charismatic, and seemingly low maintenance for a single mom, Emily Maynard has a past that would make it hard for any human to fall in love.

Emily Maynard plastic surgery before and after

Emily Maynard plastic surgery before and after

In October of 2004, Maynard lost her original fiancĂ©, NASCAR racer Ricky Hendrick, in a plane crash. The two had been together since Emily was 15 years old. Even worse, Ricky had proposed just six months prior to his death. Only days after his death did Emily learn that she was pregnant with their daughter. This kind of tragic event could have an understandable impact on Maynard’s self image and self worth.

… But the Baggage Goes Back Even Further

Reports from friends and colleagues of Maynard say that she experienced Bell’s Palsy as a teen. This temporary facial disfiguring disease led Maynard to be very insecure about her looks, particularly in her face. The right side of her face was paralyzed for months, and she was treated very poorly and teased in school.

Sources say that it is not unlikely that Maynard underwent both rhinoplasty and Botox surgeries to help with her complexion and overall look. When reviewing before and after pictures of Maynard, it appears to many expert plastic surgeons that Maynard has in fact had a nose job, breast augmentation, and veneers. Some have mentioned that it appears she has cheek implants as well.

Emily Maynard plastic surgery photo

Emily Maynard then and now

Real or fake?

While Emily Maynard has not denied or accepted any of the claims of plastic surgery, it seems to be clear to doctors that she has had work done. Especially since Maynard had a traumatic and stressful past, it is likely that she has obsessed over her appearance to help heal some of the wounds. From her experience with facial paralysis, she likely developed an obsession around her facial features, as is common in young and teenage women suffering from such a condition.

Rhinoplasty and Botox are not unlikely candidates for such a situation. As far as breast augmentation goes, it’s hard to tell whether or not Maynard did this because she did have a child. Before and after photos can be deceiving given that many women’s breasts grow larger before, during, and after child birth. Plastic surgeons still seem to tend towards saying she has had breast augmentation.

Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard via celebdirtylaundry.com

Overall, the jury is still out on Emily Maynard’s plastic surgery endeavors. It sure looks like she’s been under the knife a time or two, but it’s hard to say for certain if this low maintenance Southern beauty is as low maintenance as she seems.

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