Stacy Keibler has probably the longest pair of legs in the modelling the industry. Despite having her legs insured, the subject of the Stacy Keibler plastic surgery rumors are not about her legs.

In fact, several rumors are circulating that the actress/model has undergone rhinoplasty among other plastic surgery procedures. The plastic surgery rumors have been ongoing but created even more buzz while she was dating actor, George Clooney back in 2012.

Many associate the name Stacy Keibler with wrestling. However, while this celebrity is chiefly known as a wrestler in many circles, the star has had major success in film also. Her first brush with the big screen was in a 1998 film called Pecker. Since then, Stacy has made appearances in several TV series including George Lopez, Samurai Girl, What About Brian and How I Met Your Mother.

Keibler, who majored in Communications while at University was also Stuff Magazine’s Fitness Editor and had her own column called Getting Fit With Stacy. She was regularly seen in photos for her column.

Stacy Keibler plastic surgery before and after

Stacy Keibler plastic surgery before and after

Stacy Keibler’s nose job

Keibler has not confirmed the Stacy Keibler plastic surgery that have been circulating. Despite this, several before and after photographs of the star confirm apparent changes in the shape of her nose. Previously Stacy’s nose had a bulbous shape at the tip. Now, Keibler’s nose is narrower with slender tip.

The star’s alleged plastic surgery may, however, not be entirely cosmetic. This is as the star reportedly said at one time that her nose was broken on several occasions while she was a wrestler. She remarked that it may need some adjustments.

Although the changes to her nose aren’t glaringly obvious, it is still evident. Many of her fans may be thanking their lucky stars that Keibler didn’t do any thing to her legs, which are commonly referred to as the “weapons of mass seduction”. This description for her legs was given by Dancing with the Stars judge, Bruno Tonioli, during one of her performances on the show.

Stacy Keibler

Other Plastic Surgery Allegations

Its not only her nose that has undergone modifications. There are also allegations that Stacy has had botox, laser peels and fillers in her face. Before and after photographs of the model, show her forehead to be much smoother now than in prior pictures.

In fact, a source close to Keibler said that while the star was dating George Clooney, she was having secret botox treatments. The source reportedly said that Keibler kept her botox treatments a secret from George, because he is not a fan of plastic surgery.

Sacy Keibler's Leg

There is little, if nothing, Stacy can do to her “killer”, long legs, but don’t worry guys, those 42 inches legs are as authentic as they can get. Many might argue that Stacy’s legs are all the distraction she could want but the actress/model seems to think otherwise.

Though her alleged nose job and botox treatments have enhanced her appearance, the question on everyone’s lips is what next? Will she get carried away with plastic surgery procedures like all the other stars? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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