John Legend is a famous American songs writer and singer and when he was a child he received home schooling from his mom. With hard work, he became so successful that John Legend net worth reached $20 million.

He won his first Grammy award for his album Get Lifted and this effort went platinum and all the credit goes to the legendary single Ordinary People and it all gave rise to an unstoppable series of successes.

The 40 years old Legend had been dating with girl friend Chrissy Teigen, whom he has married last year.

Both enjoy impressive lifestyle and hope to have a solid marital life together. John was so much inspired by the love of his life that he wrote ‘All of Me’ for her. When Teigen first learnt that the song is written with keeping her in mind; she cried a lot.

John Legend with wife Chrissy Teigen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Anyway, this number proved to be the biggest hit of his career as a singer. The first lyric of the song says: what would I do without your smart mouth. When Teigen listened to it, she said she feels so delighted every time she listens to it. She further reported in an interview that it is not just a song for her; it is John’s heart that is presented to her in form of words.

I’ve kind of personal connection with the song and I listen to it like my husband is talking about the union of love we both share. They married at the spot where they were dating years ago and it was Lake Como in Italy. Legend explained in a video that they decided to get marry at that place just because they fell in love there. His wife was also part of the cast of a music video in 2006 named Stereo and it is exactly when they met for the first time in the dressing room.

The catalog model told Cosmopolitan that after hours long shoot, they went together for a dinner and later they hooked up at different places. They officially started dating by the end of 2007 because John Legend and Chrissy Teigen wanted to give each other some space. The most interesting thing that Teigen told Cosmopolitan was that they both had sex on a flight and she further added that they should be awarded with a trophy for that act of boldness. They both love cooking and Teigen posts their travel adventures on her personal blog.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen in Miami

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen in Miami

John Legend owns a two bed rooms apartment on the 9th floor of Scarano-on-the-Bowery located in a building adjacent to the famous Bowery Hotel. He has plans to sell his apartment and demands $2,950,000 for his 1395 square foot condo that offers incredible vistas of NY City skyline. The apartment has a direct elevator access and an interior designed by Andre Escobar. The panoramic features are the real advantage of the house. Other features include an exterior spa-pool, garage, and an interesting landscape entrance.

John Legend's apartment

He started music at a very early age like he sang songs at his local church at the age of four, and played piano when he was seven. He wanted to be a musician since early childhood but he also liked to be a lawyer at times. In his teen years, he was unsure whether he would become a musician, composer, singer, or a lawyer. He traveled in a plane at the age of 16. He has served music at church for most part of his life; he was the head of music department at a Scranton church.

John Legend was a brilliant student throughout his student life and he received a number of scholarships and medals from his college and university. During his college years, he served the music department as a president and he was elected as a director of a pop cappella group. When he was a teen-ager he earned as a wedding singer; you will be wondering how lucky those couples were! He switched gears when he finished his graduation and he didn’t quit performing in night clubs at Boston.

John Legend's house

John Legend’s Zen house

Like all others, Legend too has his role models. He was very impressed with Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, and MC Hammer. He was lucky enough to meet Michael Jackson and he was very excited to see him. Last but not least, we’ll tell you how he was named ‘Legend’.

He once performed for Kanye West’s concerts and from there he invented his name. A poet J. Ivy told him that his voice reminds him of old school music what we describe as a legend voice. He further said that he will call him John Legend from then on. And following J. Ivy, Kanye West and others also began calling him with the new name and it stuck in to everyone’s mind to an extent that his real name lost somewhere. This new name proved to be very auspicious for him and John Legend net worth shows that he deserved to be a legend.

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