The proliferation of Kirby vacuum distributors and retailers of vacuum cleaners have prompted many consumers to ask how much they cost? This is especially due to the fact that Kirby vacuum cleaners attract different prices depending on their sizes and models.

The approximate cost of Kirby Vacuum cleaners is $1,200. Salespeople who may also want to leverage on the pricing to boost their commissions may sell these vacuum cleaners to you at slightly high prices. If you are a good bargainer, you could also enjoy a much lower price than the $1,200.

Distributors of Kirby Vacuum cleaners usually have an option of purchasing the cleaner with parts or buy those parts separately. This decision will definitely affect the price that you will pay. According to the manufacturer of Kirby Vacuum cleaners, the recommended retail price (RRP) for its entire range of vacuum cleaners falls between $750-$1000. This price range does not include the parts and accessories.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

The selling strategy of these vacuum cleaners is characterized by distributors and sales people. The distributors of Kirby vacuum cleaners usually have their selling points in different localities and have their own teams of salespeople who go about distributing the cleaners.

Consumers usually have an option of buying the vacuum cleaners from the distributor stores or from online stores. The problem with online purchases is that you may pay less but then you may have to forfeit the warranty.

Amazon and eBay are some of the best market places that can give you good deals on this vacuum cleaner. As opposed to Amazon, eBay works in an auction kind of format which means that you need to watch that nobody outbids you. Amazon on the other hand is a market place that has neither auctions not haggling, you buy the item at the listed price.

Vacuum CleanerKirby Sentria vacuum cleaner for instance retails at $700 on Amazon while on eBay you could buy it as low as $600 depending on the bids and whether you are lucky enough to outbid the rest.

Financing Option

The Kirby vacuum cleaner is considered high end equipment. As such, it comes at a high price meaning less and less people will be able to afford it. It is on this premise that the distributors and manufacturers of these vacuum cleaners offer financing to those who may be willing but unable to purchase the equipment upfront.

Looking at Sentria 2 Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is a good illustration of how modern equipment ought to work. It is considered an ideal home utility system because it is flexible enough to operate as a carpet shampoo unit , an upright vacuum system and a floor buffer.

It is made from aluminum which makes it a bit light and efficient compared to its competitor products. It makes us of filters that are of high standard and filter bags that are disposable.

When sold together with its accessories, this vacuum cleaner costs between $3,000-3,500. The financing options available could have you pay $100 every month for 3 years.

Looking at the durability of this vacuum cleaner and its efficiency, it is a worthy investment.

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