Lill Wayne, the winner of 4 Grammy awards and many BET and Ozone award winner is a world famous rapper who was born in New Orleans. Lill Wayne net worth is $140 million. A Milli and Lollipop are one of his most popular hits besides a long list of mixtapes and singles. He first worked with the group Hot Boys (a hip hop group), later he moved onto his solo albums Tha Carter that gave three to four follow-ups for its hit numbers.

Lil Wayne Personal Profile

Complete Name: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
Nicknames: Lil’ Weezy, Baby Jr., BM Jr., Tunechi
Occupation: Rapper
Date of Birth: September 27, 1982
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 5ft 5inch (1.65 m)

The list of his favorites goes here:

Lil Wayne net worth 2015

Hobbies and Interests: Blogging, Rapping, Smoking
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Macaroni, Potato Salad
Favorite Music: Prince, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G, Kurt Cobain
Favorite Band: Nirvana
Favorite Movie: Gremlins
Favorite Sports: Football, Basketball
Favorite Football Team: Green Bay Packers
Favorite Number: 17
Favorite Cars: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Bugatti Veyron, Rolls-Royce Phantom

Why Lill Wayne is hated So Much

They say: Lill Wayne is a good rapper singing bad songs! How much is this true? A major reason is his sell out. The singer began his career by making music about drugs, aggression, the worst side of street life and above all violence. Later, his music turned towards softer lyrics but the first impression is somehow the last impression so the hatred continued.

Lil Wayne in jail

When we look at him from the business perspective, we can safely say that Lill Wayne is clever enough to target wider audience and he knew how to grow profits by increasing his likeability. People who like a song by its lyrics felt a bit disappointed and they left negative comments on his songs. Another point, we must remember is, when a person is internationally famous, he has enemies who post paid comments talking about his music in a negative manner.

When we google for Lill Wayne videos, we come to know that there will be very few videos without a negative comment. Then the famed person himself pays people good money to comment, repost, and tag his stuff for many different reasons. It could be likes, dislikes, comment, shares, or even criticism. Celebrities very well know the rising power of World Wide Web and they boldly use it for their own benefit in one way or in another.

Besides being a rapper, Wayne also founded the Young Money Entertainment and worked enthusiastically for the label. He has been arrested many times for illegal activities and he has spent eight months in prison for keeping an unauthorized weapon in his possession.

Young Money Entertainment

He has spent time with several partners and wives. His first child was born with his high school love Antonia, the second child with a radio employee Sarah, the third child with Lauren an actress from London, and fourth child to the singer named Nivea. Wayne is also called Weezy Baby by his close friends and family members.

Lil wayne also loves tattoos, this is noticeable when we look at his body that is covered with tattoos. His tattoos have always been a source of inspiration among his supporters. People who love him crazily wish to know the meaning of his tattoos. Some are concerned about the two teardrops made right below his eyes. These may be created in the memory of a lost love, friendship, or a murder.

Lil Wayne tattoos

Wayne is continuously dating different women since he left his first wife. He doesn’t seem to be satisfied with one woman. Recently, another woman rapper Trina is also rumored to be in a relationship with Wayne, although both of them have hidden this relationship.

Lil Wayne with ex wife Toya Johnson

Lil Wayne with ex wife Toya Johnson

Here we’ve collected a list of Lil Wayne films, TV plays, and his achievements:

The list of Lil Wayne films includes the following:

1. Baller Blockin’ in 2000
2. Who’s Your Caddy? in 2007
3. The Carter in 2009
4. Hurricane Season in 2010

He has won the following awards:

Lil Wayne Billboard Music Awards

1. Best Male Artist in 2012
2. Best Rap Artist in 2012
3. Best Rap Album in 2012
4. Best R&B Artist in 2012

Lil Wayne Grammy Awards

1. Best Rap Album award for Tha Carter III in 2009
2. Best Rap Solo Performance award for “A Milli” in 2009
3. Best Rap Song for “Lollipop” (with Static Major) in 2009
4. Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for “Mr. Carter” (with Jay-Z) in 2009

Lil Wayne World Music Awards

– World’s Best Selling Hip-Hop Artist in 2008

The long list of his awards proves that Lill Wayne net worth justifies itself very well.

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