Marie Osmond plastic surgery was a great success. At her early fifties, the celebrity still looks fabulous and attractive. Her profile is rich and she became into the limelight because of her melodious wonderful voice as well as her amazing appearance. Such a public figure is usually monitored by fans, gossip columnists and celebrity watchers and even a slight change in her appearance can’t go unnoticed.

At the age of 50s, one would expect to see wrinkles and stress lines but the story is different for Marie Osmond. She does not have any wrinkles on her face or loose skin that is usually common with people her age. Her skin is tight, toned and refined something that could only be possible through cosmetic procedures. Though she has denied procuring any plastic surgical operation, it is rumored that the celebrity underwent the surgeon’s knife for a number of cosmetic procedures.

Is it true that Marie Osmond had plastic surgery?

According to Dr. Paul, a renowned Plastic Surgeon, Marie Osmond had some very good work done on her face. According to his evaluation, the celebrity could have procured a facelift and Botox treatment.

Marie Osmond plastic surgery before after

Marie Osmond plastic surgery before after

She looks very young and attractive at her age. Though the celebrity claims that her changed appearance is as a result of a weight loss strategy, there is no diet or exercise that can drastically change the look to that extent. Even though a weight loss program can help you to stay young and beautiful, there would still be traces of aging signs which is not the case with Marie Osmond.


Her facial features appear elevated, fresh and well in place. At her age, people would be beginning to see bits of wrinkles, frown lines as well as other signs of aging. The interesting thing is that Marie Osmond doesn’t have any of these. She looks as beautiful as she was in her hey years. Most of her facial features look too refined and elevated to be natural.

Marie Osmond then and now

Marie Osmond then and now

Botox Injections

Based on the appearance of her forehead, people believe that a skilled surgeon must have given the celebrity some Botox treatment. Her face is shiny, her skin tight, toned and full of life. Even though a weight loss strategy can contribute to such youthful appearances, the likelihood that they would succeed to that extent at her age is almost impossible. Many celebrities procure Botox injections as a way of fighting aging process. It is undeniable that the celebrity now looks youthful, charming and fabulous.


Marie Osmond lips and cheeks look full and refined which is not a common occurrence for individuals her age. Having luscious lips and full cheeks is a natural preserve for those who are in their twenties and not for women in their fifties. This is what has made many to believe that she procured some cosmetic operations.

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond

Though Marie Osmond insists that her youthful and attractive appearance is as a result of a weight loss regime, the experts have been of the opinion that she underwent the knife but in a very clinical way. The celebrity has managed to reinvent her youthful looks. Her before and after photos, clearly show that her appearance has improved and she looks more charming and eye-catching.

When all is said and done, Marie Osmond plastic surgery was a success.

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