Carrot Top plastic surgery is one of the many celebrities’ cosmetic procedures that have attracted a lot of attention from the media. In the contemporary world, the number of famous and high profile celebrities that are opting to go through the surgeon’s knife to boost their looks is increasing at an alarming rate. Celebrities are procuring cosmetic procedures to correct, restore and improve their physical features.

Cosmetic operations such as Botox injections, facelift, cheek implants and lip augmentation when done well can help you to reinvent your attractive and youthful looks as well as enhance your self esteem and confidence.

While some plastic surgical procedures have yielded stellar results, there are those that their outcome was horrible. Carrot Top surgery was one of those cosmetic procedures that went wrong.

When you look at his previous photos and compare with the current ones, you will clearly see a significant change.

Carrot Top plastic surgery before after

Carrot Top plastic surgery before after

At the age of 48, there are some things that you expect to see on his face such as wrinkles and sagging skin but these are dominantly missing on Carrot Top’s face. His skin looks smoother, taut and tight something that many attribute to cosmetic procedures. According to the rumors going round, the celebrity might have procured a number of cosmetic procedures. Discussed below are some of them.

Botox Injections

Looking Carrot Top’s face, you will see a rare kind of tightness especially for a person at his age. Botox treatment is usually done to tighten the skin and remove any wrinkles that could have developed over time. Botox treatment when carried out professionally and skillfully yields amazing results and this explains why most celebrities are procuring this kind of cosmetic procedure. This procedure is irreversible and when the results don’t turn out as expected, you must live by them.

Looking at Carrot Top, his was a dreadful and botched cosmetic surgery. His face appears frozen and extremely elevated. Both his fans and critics agree that he was looking far much better before he underwent the surgical operations. This clearly shows that the surgeon who worked on his brow overstepped his boundary and over applied the chemicals. Botox treatment entails injecting chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm into the skin to make it tighter and smoother.

Carrot Top plastic surgery gone bad!

Carrot Top plastic surgery gone bad!

Brow lift The 48 year old celebrity could have experienced a sagging brow. To restore and improve its appeal, he opted for a brow lift. A look at his prior to and after the plastic surgical procedures shows a considerable change in his appearance. His face looks horrible and pathetic replacing his old attractive and handsome looks. The brow is too elevated, extremely arched and looks unnaturally asymmetrical.

General Opinion of Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Carrot Top surgery was a botched operation. This might be because of the choice of the cosmetic specialist he awarded the job. While there are numerous plastic surgeons in the market today all promising amazing and stellar results one should be very careful when making a decision. It’s imperative that you evaluate the surgeon’s reputation and credibility before procuring the cosmetic procedures.

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