Michael Fred Phelps II more commonly known as Michael Phelps is a US swimmer who has proved himself to be the most decorated swimmer of all times. Michael Phelps net worth is $55 million with nearly 22 medals on his credit.

He was born in 1985 in Maryland, America to parents Deborah Phelps and Michael Fred Phelps. His dad is a police officer and mother runs a school in Baltimore. He has two sisters: Hilary and Whitney. Whitney had participated in the 1995 World Championship team.

He is called MP at home and he has two pets: a cat and a bulldog called Herman. He studied from Towson HS ’03 high school and Michigan College with the major of sports management. He loves his mom a lot and he says she has been the most influential person in his life and he is grateful for everything she has done to him. Michael Phelps family members all love each other and they share a strong bond.

Michael Fred has now left swimming but till now, no swimmer has broke his records and he is the highest paid swimmer in American history and also worldwide.

Michael Phelps net worth 2015

He is the youngest American swimmer (male) who participated in the Pan Pacific Championships in 2002. He was ten years old when he started his training at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club and from there he was qualified for the Summer Olympics at the age of 15 years. He won the hearts of his people when he participated in 2008 Summer Olympics in China and won 8 gold medals straight.

To keep himself fit, he daily swims for minimum two to five hours. He likes to watch television in his leisurely hours and he also plays video game. His favorite news program is Sports Centre, TSN and his favorite music genre is hip hop.

His favorite celebrity is Michael Jordan. He prefers sleeping than sitting idle because to him, sleep restores his muscles and gives him an all new energy. He has also worked for several charities and he works for autistic kids through his own NGO Path Finders for Autism.

Michael Phelps with Nicole Johnson

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson

He is also a representative of the Boys and Girls Club of America. This organization has volunteered to motivate a number of girls and boys who are poor and cannot continue their education after high school. His favorite place in the world is Baltimore County, his hometown.

This clearly shows that how much he loves his homely life and he is also very family-oriented. When it comes to international destinations, he loves to go to Australia.

Michael Phelps' house

Michael Phelps’ house

Michael Phelps net worth is not only earned in his swimming career but he earns around $100 million from endorsements.

He endorses for Under Armour, Louis Vuitton, Speedo USA, Hilton Hotels Corp, PowerBar, Rosetta Stone Ltd., Head & Shoulders, Subway Restaurant, PureSport, AT&T Inc., Kellogg Co., Visa Inc., Omega, SwimRoom.com, and Nike. He owns a few real estates in East Coast and a luxurious house in Baltimore.

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